Why Is My Cat Licking Metal

Why Is My Cat Licking Metal? [Is It Nutrient Deficiency?]

Most cats that lick metal have a behavioral problem. If your cat exhibits this behavior, it’s possible that your cat is suffering from Pica. Sometimes it’s just a way of managing stress. Could it also be a sign of nutrient deficiency? Well, that depends on the type of metal. If your cat always licking Zinc or Iron, then it’s a sign of nutrient deficiency but if your pet licks other metal types as well, nutrient deficiency may not be your pet issue, and you should continue to investigate for other reasons.

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Why Is My Cat Licking Metal?

Cats sometimes develop behaviors that their owners may find weird. For instance, if your cat loves licking metal, you may be wondering why. Your pet may be suffering from pica- that’s the most probable cause for this behavior. Pica is a common psychological disorder that makes cats eat inedible substances.

But it’s possible your pet doesn’t have this disorder and is only going through stress. Some cats find it difficult to manage stress. So, they develop habits that could otherwise be weird behaviors as a way of managing them.  Your pet may also be licking metal as a result of zinc or iron deficiency in her diet. Unless the vet has diagnosed your pet with Pica, you shouldn’t rule out the other reasons. 

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Is Metal Bad For Cats?

Yes. If your cat loves to gnaw on a metal object, you should stop this habit of hers. Licking objects such as metal are not healthy for your cat. Some cats may seem fine even though they indulge in this habit. However, metal can be toxic to cats and even cause allergies for them. If your pet is allergic to metal, some of the signs you might notice are mouth ulcers, an itchy body, red eyes, etc. 

Your pet may not exhibit these symptoms until the next day. However, when you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to take your pet to a veterinarian. Besides, some metals such as lead are poisonous to cats and should not be ingested. Metal is not food and should be consumed by your pet. Ensure to provide a healthy meat diet for your pet and chew toys to keep her busy when she’s stressed. 

Licking objects such as metal are not healthy for your cat. Some cats may seem fine even though they indulge in this habit. However, metal can be toxic to cats and even cause allergies for them.

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Does Metal Licking Relate To Pica?

Pica is a common disorder that causes cats to crave objects that are not considered food. It’s common for pets suffering from this psychological disorder to eating materials such as plastic, fabric, paper, etc. But what about metal? Does metal licking relate to pica? Yes, it does. If your pet is licking metal, she might be suffering from pica. This unhealthy behavior is a way for cats to manage stress. So, they eat or lick objects like metal whenever they are having anxiety. Pica is triggered in cats for different reasons. Usually, pregnancy, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), immunodeficiency virus, and diet deficiency are some conditions that make cats develop this disorder. 

So, what can you do if your pet’s craving for metal is induced by pica? The first thing for a vet to examine your cat and make the correct diagnosis. Your vet will provide some medical advice once that can help you manage the habit your pet has. Additionally, providing a healthy diet can help you treat pica in your cat.  A 2016 study explains that pica in cats is related to poor nutrition. So give your pet a meat-based diet with fruits and vegetables to provide essential minerals and vitamins. And lastly, you can hire the services of an animal behaviorist. An expert such as an animal behaviorist can train your pet to stop this habit.

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Can Cats Get Addicted To Metal Licking?

Cats can get addicted to metal licking. They can get addicted to pretty much anything if you allow them. So if your cat already developed a taste for metal, you should stop her now. What is essential is to find the reason for the causating factor. Then, you can deal with the habit and find a way to stop it.

For instance, some pets lick metal as a way to deal with stress. And if that is the case for your cat, you should find out what is stressing her out? Is there a new cat in the household? Are you spending less time with your pet? Those are some reasons felines may be going through stress. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to monitor your pet as a cat owner to stop this unhealthy habit.

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Why Is My Cat Licking Metal

Related Questions

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Licking Everything?

Your cat could be licking everything including substances such as paper, plastic, metal, or fabric because she has pica. But your cat could also lick objects or people that smell good to them. But if this behavior is sudden, it could be related to stress, pica, or other health conditions. It’s essential to consult your veterinarian for professional advice. But whether it is stress-related or not, you should discourage your cat from ingesting non-food items.

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Why Is My Cat Licking Rust?

If your cat is licking rust, she needs more iron in her diet. Rust contains iron, however, it is very unhealthy and unsafe for your pet to ingest them. It is important to ensure that your pet’s diet is not iron deficient because that could lead to anemia. Although our pet needs iron in her diet, it shouldn’t come from rust. Once you notice your cat has a taste for rust, you should add more vitamins to her diet.

Why Is My Cat Licking Herself So Much?

Felines are animals that groom themselves up. So, it shouldn’t be weird if you notice that your pet licks herself. They have brittle-like tongues that brush debris off their coat. However, if you notice that your pet licks herself excessively, that could be an indicator that her body’s itchy. So you should check for fleas on her fur. Dr. Karen Becker explains that cats who lick themselves so much may be suffering from a medical condition called psychogenic alopecia. If your pet licks herself too much up to a point that bothers you so much, consult a veterinarian.

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Final Thoughts

Felines are capable of developing weird habits. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be trained or treated. They are intelligent animals and can learn to stop weird habits too. So, if your cat is always licking metal, your priority as a cat owner should be to stop it. Pica is mostly a behavioral problem, and I recommend you to attend your local vet to get professional assistance for that matter.

While your pet might be put on medications to help her deal with stress, training your pet is vital to stop weird behaviors she might have picked up. And remember to always provide a balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals for your cat.

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