Why Does My Guinea Pig Chirp Like A Bird

Why Does My Guinea Pig Chirp Like A Bird? [ Is She Singing? ]

Why does my Guinea pig chirp like a bird? It can be due to many reasons, particularly when they are happy. Many people find this sound mysterious but it doesn’t mean something is wrong with your pet. Chirping is a sound made by small birds, usually short and sharp in a repeated manner. Cavies use this delightful noise to sometimes seek their owner’s attention. Your pet may also chirp when she’s stressed

This article elaborately explains why your pet may sometimes sound like a bird. Now let’s talk about the meaning of the chirping sound guinea pigs make. 

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What Does it Mean When Guinea Pigs Chirp?

Unlike humans that engage in one-on-one communication, animals can’t do the same. However, guinea pigs make sounds to pass messages across to their owners. There are numerous noises made by cavies that you might find difficult to understand except you learn them. The truth is no matter how hard you try to know what the chirp means; you may not get the actual meaning.

Dangerous or scary things may cause your guinea pig to chirp. Sometimes, being lonely forces out the chirping sound, especially when it wants to play. Additionally, a guinea pig’s chirp could mean happiness, stress, fear, loneliness, or wanting to play. No one could tell what it means exactly. But take your time to study your cavy attitude and identify what it wants whenever it makes this sound. You don’t necessarily have to get disturbed by this sound because it’s their way of communicating. Chirping causes no harm to guinea pigs.

Guinea pig’s chirp could mean happiness, stress, fear, loneliness, or wanting to play. No one could tell what it means exactly. But take your time to study your cavy attitude and identify what it wants whenever it makes this sound

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Why Do Guinea Pigs Chirp at Night?

Your guinea pigs may chirp at night for several reasons. Not all cavies chirp, but the few who do can continue chirping for a longer period until they get the required attention. Nights are known to be dark and quiet. During this period, weird noises emanate from different angles, which could be scary for your pet. Also, the moon creates shadows of different frightening images. This can cause your cavy to make some continuous disturbing noise at late night hours. 

The only way to stop that uninterrupted noise is to come closer to your pet to calm it down. In other cases, your cavy may require supplies, and the best way of communicating that with you is by chirping. You can manage this situation by making sure your pet doesn’t lack everything it requires. Like every baby cries when they are hungry, guinea pigs will call your attention to their needs, which could fear, food, or approaching danger. The positive thing about this issue is that you can control the noise before it becomes a regular habit for your pet.

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Why Does My Guinea Pig Chirp Like A Bird

What Sounds Guinea Pigs Make When Happy?

Happiness and excitement are notable reasons that make guinea pigs chirp like birds. There are other numerous sounds made by guinea pigs when they are delighted. These include;

  • Whistling 

This usually arises as a result of excitement. Your furry friend let out a high-pitched noise because it is time for its meal or playtime. It whistles in anticipation for something you give to it regularly.

  • Wheeking 

This sound comes along when your guinea pig expects its water and hay, but it is delayed. It is usually a bit louder when it finally sees you bringing the food.

  • Purring

Several meanings are associated with purring depending on the circumstances surrounding the sound. A soft purr alongside a relaxed posture speaks a lot about happiness, while a high purr and a nervous body refer to fear.

  • Rumbling

The noise occurs when guinea pigs want to mate. The females make this sound to notify males about her season, while the males do so to attract proximate females. Rumbling also means motor-boarding.

  • Sniffing

When guinea pigs try to learn about other pets, they make a sniffing sound. It is their way of being inquisitive about their environment and other guinea pigs.

  • Cooing

Cavy shows affection to humans by cooing. Also, they show love to their babies by making this sound usually made by pigeons. It is the mode of communication for older guinea pigs.

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Why Does My Guinea Pig Sound Like A Chicken?

Guinea pigs are fond of chutting. Your guinea pig will sound like a chicken when she makes this sound. If your pet suddenly chuts, don’t fret. Here are some reasons why guinea pigs may make chicken sounds:

  • Your pet is happy

Some guinea pigs are fond of chutting to show contentment. They let out this sound when the owner is interacting with them. Cavies also chut to communicate with their cage mates when they find the moment pleasing. 

  •  Curiosity

Curiosity is another reason why your pet may produce a sound similar to a chicken. When cavies are introduced into a new environment, they are usually eager to know more about what is going on around them. Your pet will make this sound while sniffing into every nook and corner in its environment. Your pet simply wants to explore and adapt to the new environment. 

  • To communicate with one another

Chutting in a positive sound and indicates that your pets are having fun. Cavies make this noise while they are walking as a way of talking to themselves. Your little friend might chut when pottering around the cage. Making this sound doesn’t mean your cavy is in pain, it’s just her way of catching fun.

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Final Thoughts

It’s quite strange for you to have your guinea pig chirp like a bird but don’t worry about the sound. It can be that your guinea pig just wants attention or she is scared of something or the opposite way when your guinea pig is actually happy! You need to be with your guinea pig and learn her sounds. You will know by time exactly what any specific sound means. There are several ways of keeping your cavy quiet, especially at night when everywhere is silent. Knowing quite well that nobody wants disturbance at such resting time, it becomes compulsory for you to do the needful.

One good practice is to ensure that the supply of water and hay is available in sufficient quantity during the daytime and before nightfall. Doing this will prevent your guinea pig from chirping like a bird unnecessarily. Spending more time with your cavy will help you get familiar with the different sounds it makes. 

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