Why Does My Cat Keep Trying To Lick My Eyes

Why Does My Cat Keep Trying To Lick My Eyes? [ Should I Stop That? ]

Your cat keeps trying to lick your eyes because she trying to groom you. Licking is a form of grooming amongst felines. The mother cat usually licks her kittens’ eyelids to groom them properly. So, if your pet is well bonded to you, she may extend this habit to you and lick your eyes. Cats also lick their owners to show their affection. And if your eyes are the closest to your pet, maybe while cuddling, she will lick your face.

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What Happens If A Cat Licks Your Eyes?

Sometimes, cats like their owner’s eyes to ease their anxiety. And when they are trying to lick your face, their paws may get in the way and scratch you instead. This is one of the reasons most cat owners prefer to stop this behavior in their cats. However, for health reasons, you shouldn’t allow your cat to lick your face. Your pet’s saliva may contain bacteria that can make you sick. 

Some of the common bacterias found in cat saliva are Salmonella, Capnocytophaga, Pasteurella, and Multocida. Mostly, they ingest these bacteria from their food or from cleaning their butts. Cornell University reveals that 70 to 90 percent of cats have the Pasteurella Multocida bacterium in their mouth. To avoid getting these infections from your pet, it is necessary to prevent your pet from licking your eyes.

For health reasons, you shouldn’t allow your cat to lick your face. 70-90% of cats may contain in their saliva bacterias like Pasteurella Multocida and others as well.

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How Do I Stop My Cat From Licking My Eyelids?

If your pet indulges in the habit of licking your eyelids, you can distract her before she gets to your face. As soon as you notice she’s about to reach your face, grab a toy and wave it in front of her. The goal is to distract her so she can gnaw at the toy instead. Besides, you can use positive reinforcements to encourage your cat to stop licking eyes. All you have to do is to reward her with her favorite treats whenever she cuddles you and doesn’t lick your eyelids.

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Why Does My Cat Keep Trying To Lick My Eyes

Related Questions 

Why Is My Cat Trying To Eat My Eye?

Cats like the face of people they have bonds with. Sometimes when cats lick their owner’s face, it may seem like she’s trying to eat your eye, but she’s not. She’s just licking your eyes to see that you are groomed. However, hissing or meowing while reaching for your eyes could be signs that she might try to gnaw at them.

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Can You Go Blind If A Cat Licks Your Eye?

Yes, you can go blind if a cat licks your eye, although this seldomly happens. Cat saliva can contain Bartonella Henselae. This bacteria causes an infection called the cat scratch disease. People with poor immune systems are vulnerable to this disease. In severe cases, the bacteria can cause an inflammation of the eye that can make you blind. So, it’s necessary to stop your cat from licking your eyes.

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Eyes When I’m Sleeping?

Your cat licking your eyes while you are sleeping might seem weird. However, to felines, it isn’t. Cats usually groom their familiars even when they are sleeping. So, if your cat licks your eyes while you are sleeping, it means she sees you as her equal. It also shows that there’s a bond between the both of you. This habit is one of the ways cats show their affection to their loved ones.

Why Does My Cat Smell My Eye?

Felines rely greatly on their sense of smell. They have excellent olfactory senses. They use it to identify their loved ones or detect when something is wrong. So, you may notice that your pet likes to smell you a lot. That’s because she loves the way you smell. 

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Is It A Sign Of Affection When A Cat Licks You?

Yes, it is a sign of affection when your cat licks you. Cats usually lick their owners and other people they are bonded with. They usually do this when they are cuddling with their owners or when they are being petted. You might notice your pet purring while she’s licking you. Stop your pet from licking your face to avoid contact with germs that may be present in the saliva. Likewise, always wash your hands anytime your pet licks them.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to have a bond with your pet, and it is indeed a sign of bond and affection for your cat to lick your eyes. Sometimes, your pet may indulge in this act out of anxiety. However, it is imperative to prevent your pet from licking your eyes to protect yourself from pathogens. 

Cat owners who feed their pets raw food, in particular, must be careful when cuddling with their pets. But never punish your pet for licking your eyes! You can use the tips provided in this article to stop your cat from licking your eyes. Remember to always maintain high hygiene whenever you handle your pet for your own safety. 

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