Why Does My Cat Huff

Why Does My Cat Huff? [ Interesting Facts! ]

Huffing is one of the sounds cats make to communicate to people around them. This sound signifies that your pet is either offended, frustrated, afraid, or uncomfortable. If your cat makes this sound, it’s intentional, and you should pay attention to her. You may need to stop whatever you are doing to put an end to the sound.

But wait, there’s more. This article will comprehensively explain what a cat huff means and why your felines make the sound even while playing. Now, let’s get to the details.

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What Does A Cat Huff Mean?

A cat’s huff is similar to a hiss. The former is akin to a half hiss but comes out as a puff of air. Mostly, a cat’s hiss signifies anger, pain, or discomfort and could be followed by an act of aggression. A cat huff too can be propelled by anger. However, most times, when a cat huffs it means she’s either afraid, frustrated, or uncomfortable. For instance, if your cat huffs at you when you are petting her, it means she’s uncomfortable or displeased with how you are touching her, and you should stop. 

But how can you know that your cat’s huff signifies anger? Usually, when felines huff out of anger, their ears would be drawn back. You may also notice their tails twitching at well. At that point, she may hiss as well. But whether or not she hisses, your pet is really mad, and she’s communicating that to you.

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Mostly, a cat’s hiss signifies anger, pain, or discomfort and could be followed by an act of aggression. A cat huff too can be propelled by anger. However, most times, when a cat huffs it means she’s either afraid, frustrated, or uncomfortable.

Why Does My Cat Huff And Puff At Me?

If you are the recipient of any of the two sounds, you must have done something to trigger your pet. For instance, if you are not giving your pet the privacy she needs, you could get her frustrated and angry with you. Cats are private animals, and although they are pets, they love to be in control. Some cats like to sleep in their own rooms or on their own bed. So, if you try to force your pet to stay in bed with you, she will say no with a huff and a puff. The same thing applies to when you try to cuddle her, and she’s not in the mood.

Besides, if you are harsh or hostile to your pet, she might be scared of you and perceive you as a threat. Hence, she may huff and puff at you whenever you come near her. It’s essential to build a friendly relationship of mutual trust and respect with your cat. Some cat owners believe in using Force in training pets. This is wrong! Instead, train your feline with positive reinforcement.

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Why Does My Cat Huff At Me While Playing?

So, maybe you are petting your cat, tickling her, or throwing her up, then your cat huffs at you while playing. You might be wondering why your pet makes this displeasing sound even though it seems the both of you are having fun. Well, one thing’s for sure, your pet’s not having fun. 

Your cat most likely huffed at you because she’s not comfortable with the way you are handling her during the game or play. For instance, you might be holding her tail knowingly or unknowingly. She will ask you to stop by huffing. Besides, your pet might not be in the mood to play. Another possible reason your cat huffed at you is; she’s sick. If your pet is sick, she could be lethargic and experiencing discomfort. So she might huff at you if you try to play with her.

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Why Does My Cat Huff

Why Is My Cat Puffing?

So if you are not the reason your cat is puffing, what other reasons could be responsible for the sounds your pet is making? 

Frustration From Another Cat In The Household

Is there another feline in the household? Is the cat trying to get on her nerves? Do your two pets get along? No? Then expect your cat to puff a lot, especially whenever the other pet tries to frustrate her. 

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Fear or Phobia

Cats also puff whenever they are scared. So, if your pet perceives any imminent threat, for instance, a stranger in the house or a visitor she’s not acquainted with, she may start puffing. Are there thunderstorms at the moment? That could be the reason your cat is puffing. Most cats are scared of the sound of thunderstorms and explosives.


If there is a conflict between your cat and another pet in the household, your cat might start puffing once the other pet gets on her nerves. This sound may be followed by growling and hissing.

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Related Questions 

Why Does My Cat Exhale Loudly?

Huffing and puffing are normal cat sounds. But if your cat persistently exhales loudly, it could be a symptom of breathing difficulty. Normally, felines don’t breathe loudly. So if you notice that your cat’s breath is more audible than usual, her airway could be obstructed. She needs to see a vet immediately!

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Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon?

Cats coo like pigeons when they are in a good mood. So, if you are wondering why your cat sounds like a pigeon, she’s happy. Sometimes, they make these sounds when they are playing with people they love or when they are trying to get their attention. Whenever your pet coos, you can respond to this sound by indulging her in a game or by petting her.  

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Final Thoughts

Cats communicate to us via the sounds they make. Huffing is one of the ways to know when your feline is angry, or scared. It’s essential to pay attention to your pet and study her moods and temperament. If your pet loves more privacy, make sure you give her some. When felines get more comfortable with their environment, they tend to bond better with their owners. 

Furthermore, create boundaries between cats and other pets that don’t get along in the household. That will prevent an impending conflict between them. So, if your cat huffs at the other pets, ensure that they have their separate beds, food bowls, and toys. And lastly, it is your responsibility as a cat parent to know all the sounds felines make and what they mean.

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