Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak

Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak? [Is My Guinea Pig Saying Something?]

As a pet owner and lover, we are often curious about what our pets are saying to us. This is especially true when you own a guinea pig as a pet. Guinea pigs can make obvious noises to express how they are feeling from time to time. An example of such noises is squeaking. So why do guinea pigs squeak?

Guinea Pigs squeak whenever they have to convey a message to their owners. They also communicate with others around them. A squeak could mean that your cavy is hungry. It could also mean that it is frightened. It is left to you to differentiate between the different kinds of squeaks your cavy can make. Cavies make many other sounds too. These include wheeking, purring, growling, shrieking, whining, and cutting.

In this article, you will discover why guinea pigs squeak. How to recognize the difference between the sounds your pet makes. You will also learn what you should and should not do about these sounds.

Are Guinea Pigs Squeak Good Or Bad?

Squeaking for guinea pigs could either be a good or bad sign. The sole fact that your guinea pigs squeak means it can communicate. That in itself is a good sign. Guinea pigs squeak because they are happy or sad. It all depends on the situation of the environment. Cavies are sensitive to a lot of things. For them, squeaking is a way to show excitement or anger towards these sensitivities. Cavy owners must study their guinea pigs to learn more about these signs.

Sometimes, a cavy goes close to the food plate and squeaks continuously. You can take that as a sign that your cavy is hungry and needs food. This does not mean it cannot be something else. Over time, you will learn to relate the squeaks to the environment. This way, you will be able to attend to please its needs about the sounds it makes.

If for example, your cavy is squeaking while ‘popcorning’, it just saying,  I’m so happy…

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Why do Guinea pigs squeak at night?

You must provide enough food and water for your guinea pigs before going to bed at night. Sometimes when they run out of water and food, they squeak. This can happen when you are in bed to get some good sleep. Squeaking at night can also be a sign that something around them is scary. Keep them in a protected space. Cavies get scared of wild rats and other wild animals. When such animals come around them, they growl. Sometimes, cavies just make squeaky sounds when trying to communicate with one another.

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What Sound Does A Guinea Pig Make When It’s Happy?

Cavies have happy sounds. As a pet owner, hearing these sounds make you feel content. Like cats, guinea pigs purr. Now, you need to listen well. When a purr is deep and relaxed, it signifies contentment. But, a higher-pitched one points to annoyance at something. Another happy sound cavies make is whistling. You will get to hear a lot of this when it is mealtime or playtime.

When cavies are together, they chut to one another. This shows that they are satisfied with what is going on around their environment. They also do this when they step out of their habitat to explore. Wheeking is another happy sound they make. When they sense that their favorite treat is coming their way, they wheek. Your pet will wheek if it is content with its playtime.

You should also know that they can show happiness through other means too. One common one is their rapid hopping up-and-down. Sometimes, they rub noses among themselves. Another happy signal is licking.

Summarizing these noises:

Squeaking/Squealing: sounds like a high-frequency whistle, usually represents your cavy is excited and happy, (but as we already learned, maybe scared, depending on the situation)

Rumbling: I’m sure if you have male and female guinea pigs together you heard this “engine warming up” noise. It’s the female/male way to attract the other one to mate. I’ve also noticed that when I stroke my cavy it is also making rumble noises.

Purring: depends on the context, it may be that your guinea pig is happy, or angry. If your cavy is angry, the purring sound will be more high frequency and it will also seem unrelated. a happy cavy will purr relaxed in with a lower tone voice.

Chutting:  This soft and calm sound means your cavy is happy as you stroke it, or just playing with him. It is also a communication way between your cavy to its friend. See the below video to hear what chutting sound is.


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Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak

Related Questions

Why Do Guinea Pigs Wheek?

As humans, we get excited before going on a trip. Guinea pigs also get that feeling of excitement when they are having fun. Wheeking is natural for a cavy. Whenever you are about to feed your pet, you will hear the wheek. They wheek at the sight of food.

However, be cautious and listen well to the sound you are hearing. A cavy’s “wheeking” is like a cavy’s “shrieking”. Shrieking means that they are in distress. When guinea pigs shriek, it is often loud and alarming. This should give you a heads up on what particular sign your guinea pigs are letting off.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Shake?

When your pet is shaking, it is a sign that something is not right. Guinea pigs shake in three situations- cold, scared, or sick. Hence, try to find out what the problem is and act accordingly. Cavies react fast to changes in temperature because of their small bodies. Is your AC switched on? Is the window near their cage open? Take note. If you want to bathe them, do it with lukewarm water. Baths are usually too cold for them anyway. Ensure the bath is short and dry them using a blow dryer.

If the shaking comes with other symptoms of illness, it is time to visit the vet. Pay attention to things like lethargy, drooling, heavy breathing, diarrhea, and, sneezing. In the case of fear, it is tough to know why they are spooked sometimes. This is because they get scared at the slightest of things. Your ringing phone could cause your pet to start shaking. Thing is, they eventually get over it.

What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Vibrates?

A vibration can be due to different reasons. Cold is one of the possible reasons why your cavy is vibrating. Your cavy can also vibrate due to reasons like fear, excitement, anger, and hunger. They can vibrate when they want to mate. Sometimes, your pet could be showing an allergy to something by vibrating. Try to notice what the allergy is and remove it from the environment.

Due to pain from an injury, a cavy can vibrate. Hence, it’s advisable to routinely take your cavy to the vet.

Final Thoughts

We have now learned a lot about why guinea pigs squeak and what the sounds mean. They make these sounds when they are trying to pass some information across to you. Sometimes, they are simply communicating with each other. As time goes, and you will gain more experience with your new guinea pig, you will understand from the type of noise, if your pet is happy or angry. Sometimes, when we aren’t sure, it is a good idea to take our cavy to the local vet. Of course, it is best to keep them always making happy sounds!

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