Why Do Cats Like Dreamies

Why Do Cats Like Dreamies? [ All You Need to Know! ]

cats are carnivores and the appropriate diet for them is meat. Dreamies are beef-based treats for cats so it’s no surprise that cats like Dreamies. Cats also like Dreamies because it is high in fat. More than half of a pack of this treat contains fat. Studies reveal that cats have taste receptors that detect fat, and they are unable to resist fats.

A research article written by Jean Hall and others explains that cats have a preference for the taste of protein. Since beef is high in protein, cats can’t help but love Dreamies. Although cats like Dreamies, does this mean they are good for your cat? This article provides answers to all the questions you might have about this favorite cat treat. So, stick with me, and I’ll explain everything you need to know.

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Is Dreamies Good For Cats?

Dreamie is a delectable treat for cats. However, giving Dreamies excessively to your cat is bad. This treat contains carbs and is higher in fat for protein. According to My Fitnesspal, Dreamies are 55% fat, 23% protein, and 21% carbs. Protein is great for your cat. However,  cats shouldn’t ingest a lot of carbs and fat. If your pet eats a lot of this treat, she may have health problems such as obesity, diabetes, or yeast infection. So, as much as your cat may love this treat, give it to her only once in a while. Ensure to provide a meat-based diet for your feline. 

Besides, Dreamies are not healthy for cats because they are processed food. Your cat shouldn’t eat a lot of processed foods because they are preserved with chemicals. These chemicals can cause health problems ranging from allergies to cancer. Your cat’s diet should primarily be composed of natural food. 

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Dreamies Cat Treats Ingredients 

Dreamies come in varieties. There are packs made with chicken, tuna, beef, salmon, cheese, turkey, duck, and a mix of some of these ingredients. The common ingredients in all of these varieties are meat & meat by-products, corn, vegetable protein extract, vegetable by-products, fats and oil, and minerals.  Each of the varieties contains 4% of the meat type except the cheese pack, which contains 4% cheese. 

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Can Cats Become Addicted To Dreamies?

Yes, cats can become addicted to Dreamies. Some call this treat cat crack because cats love them so much. If you indulge your pet with this treat, she might eat them every day. However, this is not healthy for your cat. If your pet is addicted to this treat, you might notice her meowing, hissing, or scratching just to get her hands on the treat.

As a cat owner, you must control your pet’s diet and ensure she eats healthily. So, even if your cat likes Dreamies, give it to her just once in a while. Another way to prevent your cat from getting addicted is by providing them whenever she exhibits positive behavior. Your pet may ransack the whole house when you are away from home. If she finds her favorite treats, she might eat them in your absence.  So, keep all cat treats away from her reach.

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What Happens If My Cat Eats Too Many Dreamies?

Most cat treats have little nutritional value for them. They are supposed to be eaten as snacks. So, your pet shouldn’t eat too many of them. Overeating Dreamies is unhealthy for cats. This treat contains cereals which are carbs that break down into sugar. Excess sugar can propel several health issues in felines. And if your cat eats too many Dreamies, she may have health problems such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and yeast infection. 

Unfortunately, many cat owners ignorantly feed this treat to their pets as the main diet. That is wrong. Dreamies are not food for cats. It is a treat and should be regarded as junk food for your pet. Feeding your cat too much of this cat treat is unhealthy and can reduce her lifespan. So, never allow your cat to eat too many Dreamies or get addicted to them.

Many cat owners ignorantly feed this treat to their pets as the main diet. That is wrong. Dreamies are not food for cats. It is a treat and should be regarded as ‘junk food’ for your pet. Feeding your cat too much of this cat treat is unhealthy and can reduce her lifespan.

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Why Do Cats Like Dreamies

How Many Dreamies Should I Give My Cat?

Adult cats can have up to 15 pieces of this treat per day. But you shouldn’t give your pet this treat more than twice a week. However, kittens need their mothers’ milk and shouldn’t take solid food until they are 4 weeks old. So, if your kitten is up to 4 weeks, she can have 5 pieces of this treat in a day. Also, give them to your kitten not more than twice a week. It’s better to give treats to your pet occasionally, especially to encourage positive behavior. 

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Related Questions 

Can Cats Get Sick From Too Many Treats?

Yes, your cat can get sick from eating too many treats. Cat treats are of little nutritional value, and most of them contain carbs. High carb diets can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and yeast infection in felines. Besides, treats are processed food and cats can get sick from ingesting the preservatives, artificial coloring, and additives used in making them. 

Are Dreamies And Temptations The Same?

Dreamies are different from Temptations. They are both cats treats, they look alike and are often mistaken for each other. They are both made by the Mars family. However, Temptations is made in the US while Dreamies is made in the UK. Both of them are made with different ingredients. 

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Final Thoughts

Cats like Dreamies because they are meat-based and they also contain fats. However, they are not healthy for your pets.  Do not substitute cat treats as your pet’s main diet. Only serve them occasionally to your pet, one or two times a week is ok and each time you can give your pet a maximum of 15 pieces of that treat. Feeding treats excessively to felines can get her addicted.  Also, avoid feeding your pet high-carb diets. Instead of carbs give your cat more meat to eat. 

If your cat likes Dreamies, give it to her whenever she behaves well. That’s a form of positive reinforcement and can encourage good behavior in felines. 

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  1. Very interesting, this answered the questions I was thinking. Dreamies are like crack for cats, it has no nutritional value when I looked at the back, and I was thinking its like a kid would only ever eat candy if given the chance. Thank you for this information, and well written

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