Why Are Cats So Soft

Why Are Cats So Soft? [ Info & Facts You Should Know! ]

Cats feel soft when their furs are healthy and smooth. They are animals that care about their bodies. They groom themselves by licking their coat. While this may look like a random act, it isn’t. Cats have brittle-like tongues that brush their furs as they lick themselves up. So, they evenly distribute the natural oil on their coat while grooming. Besides, cats that eat a healthy diet rich in protein will definitely have soft furs. 

If you own a cat that has dense furs, you might be wondering: How can I get my cat to be so soft? There’ll be more about that later in this article. But first, let’s see the reasons why felines feel so squishy and fragile.

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Why Are Cats So Squishy?

Perhaps you own a cat, and you notice how soft and squishy their body feels. Why do cats feel this way? How are their bodies different from that of other mammals. Why are cats so squishy? Here is what you need to know: 

Cats have a distinctive body structure different from that of humans and other mammals. For instance, in the human anatomy, our scapula, otherwise known as the shoulder blade is connected to two bones: The humerus and the clavicle. Although cats can’t have the same anatomy as us, you’ll expect their scapular to be connected to bones, wouldn’t you? I thought so too, but that isn’t the case. 

Their scapular is attached to muscles and not bone. And this gives them more flexibility than many other mammals. And that is also a reason cats are so squishy. The Cornell University explains that cats have elastic disks in between their vertebrates that give them the ability to stretch up to 3 times their body. Their collarbones are also tiny compared to that of other mammals. All these make cats feel squishy whenever we hold them in our hands.

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Can I Make My Cat Fur To Be Silkier? 

Of course, you can make your cat’s fur to be silkier. How? You need to pay attention to the diet if you want your cat’s hair to be soft and silkier. Felines are carnivores, and their biologically appropriate diet is raw meat. For your cat’s fur to be silkier, she needs a high-protein meat-based diet. Many cat owners feed their cats more kibble, canned cat food, and cat treats. Wrong! These are processed food that has gone through a process called extrusion. 

Research proves that this process reduces the majority of the protein in your pet food. Moreover, cats need some amounts of fats particularly, omega 3 and 6 acids. These fatty acids will help to maintain your cat’s coat and make it shiner. They also need some minerals in their diet for shiny and healthy fur. Copper and Zinc are essential minerals that make cats have healthy coats. Bones contain these minerals, and you should add them to your pet’s diet. 

You need to pay attention to the diet if you want your cat’s hair to be soft and silkier. Felines are carnivores, and their biologically appropriate diet is raw meat. For your cat’s fur to be silkier, she needs a high-protein meat-based diet.

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Why Are Cats So Soft

What Makes Cats Soft?

Cats are soft because they groom themselves up. Unlike most animals, they are capable of taking care of their furs and removing the dirt that could be clogged up in them. Besides, a healthy grain-free diet could make your cats’ have soft furs too. Cats need a meat-based diet with some omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and some minerals in their diet. 

Cats with long furs may be unable to groom themselves properly. You can help your pet by brushing through her coat at least once a week. Also, abstain from bathing your cat too often, as this can strip her body of the natural oil that keeps her coat healthy. You can bathe your cat once every 5 to 6 weeks using a cat shampoo. 

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Why Are Cats Softer Than Dogs?

Most cat breeds have softer coats than most dog breeds. But Why? Why are cats softer than dogs. Here are some reason why: 

The common dog breeds like German Shepherds and Retrievers have thicker outer layers of fur than most cat breeds. So, they don’t feel as soft as cats do. Besides, cats are groomers. They have brittle-like tongues that help to brush through their furs and remove the debris in them. 

But dogs have smoother tongues. They cannot self-groom the way cats do. So, if your dog plays roughly and rolls in sand or dirt, her fur will retain some of the debris. Brush your dog’s coat to remove the dirt in it. And most importantly, it all depends on diet. You should feed your pets a healthy and species-appropriate diet for their furs to be healthy, soft, and silky.

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What Is The Softest Cat?

Amongst all the cat breeds that exist, the softest of them all are Ragdolls and Birmans. Both Ragdolls and Birmans have very fluffy, silky, short furs with no undercoat. They are capable of grooming themselves up without a need for brushing. These make them one of the best cats breed to cuddle. If you ever have to groom any of these breed’s furs, use a brush with very soft bristles.

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Do Cats Get Softer When They Are Happy?

Cats get softer when they are happy. But this is partly because when they are in a good mood, they tend to groom more. Not all cat breeds like to have brushes sweep over their coat. However, if your pet is in a good mood, she will relax better and more enthusiastic about getting her furs brushed. Additionally, cats’ coats tend to change texture based on their emotions. For instance, when cats feel cold, their coats tend to get thicker. This also happens when they are angry or terrified.

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Final Thoughts

Everyone loves to cuddle their cats and this makes it essential to keep your cat soft and cozy. So, always ensure that your cat is properly groomed. As felines age, they are unable to groom themselves properly. Then, the bulk of the work rests on you as a cat owner to brush your pet regularly. 

Also, ensure that your cat eats a meat-based diet to maintain a healthy coat. Many cat owners ignorantly feed their pets grain-based cat foods, but your pet doesn’t need a high-carb diet. It makes them unhealthy. Carbs are unhealthy for cats and could cause health problems such as obesity or diabetes. Your pet’s physical health depends on you. Ensure to take proper care of your cat as a cat parent.

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