What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them

What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them? [ Do They Like It? ]

When we kiss our cats, they feel closer to us and know for sure that we love them. Cats don’t know exactly what kisses mean to humans but they love being petted and cuddled by those they have bonds with. Even amongst felines, they show their affection for each other through physical contact. And for people, we also kiss our pets out of affection and love. Cats are intelligent animals. With time, they learn that kisses are a way humans show their affection. So, your cat surely knows you love when you kiss her.

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Do Cats Know That Hugs And Kisses Are Signs Of Affection?

Cats indeed know that hugs and kisses are signs of affection. However, they learn this when they become closer to people. Cats love the attention and touch of their owners. Even amongst themselves, they sleep and cuddle with other cats they are comfortable with and have close bonds with. But they are usually selective with whom they allow to touch them. Felines don’t easily trust people. Because of this, when strangers or people they have no bond with try to hug or kiss them, they might be unreceptive of such affection. 

So you may notice that your new pet doesn’t like to hug or kiss you. There are two possible reasons she rejects your display your affection. Here is the first: She doesn’t trust you yet to allow you to hold her. The other reason is she doesn’t understand the rationale behind this act of cordiality. So, the bottom line is this: the closer you get to your pet, the more she’s likely going to enjoy your hugs and kisses.

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When we kiss our cats, they feel closer to us and know for sure that we love them. Cats don’t know exactly what kisses mean to humans but they love being petted and cuddled by those they have bonds with

Do Cats Like To Be Hugged And Kissed?

Yes, they do. Cats love to be hugged and kissed by their owners and other people they trust. Hugs and kisses are forms of physical touches that cats learn over time to be signs of affection. A 2013 Study proves that petting our cats can make them healthier. So, you should hug and kiss your pet more often so they can feel closer to you and become healthier. 

However, if you notice that your cat hisses or meows at you anytime you try to hug or kiss her, she probably doesn’t like the act. If your cat is still new to her environment, give her some time to get accustomed to you. You must bond with your pet so she can trust you enough to allow her to touch you. 

Besides, as much as cats like being petted and rubbed, they don’t like being rubbed on their belly. The stomach is one of the vulnerable body parts. So, if you touch your cat’s belly, she may meow or hiss at you. So, always hug your cat sideways. Likewise, while holding your pet, avoid touching the tail region

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What Do Cats Think When We Kiss Them

Is It Ok To Kiss Your Cat On The Head?

It is ok and safe to kiss your cat on the head. Some cat owners kiss their pets on their cheeks, eyes, sides, arms, chests, legs, or noses. However, the safest place to kiss your cat is on the forehead. Think about it. Cats often groom themselves on their body parts. So, those body parts are likely to have come in contact with your pet’s saliva. And if you kiss those parts, you can ingest the pathogens that might be in your cat’s saliva. 

However, it is impossible for your cat’s mouth to get to her forehead.  That makes the forehead the safest place for people to kiss their cats. But most importantly, groom your cat properly so that she can be clean enough for kisses. So, bathe your cat with a shampoo every four weeks and brush her fur to check for ticks and lice.

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Why Do Cats Kiss On The Lips?

Cats kiss their owners on the lips as a display of affection. Felines love to smell the people they are attached to, so your pet may sniff your face as well. While sniffing your face, your lips can meet in a way that seems like a kiss. To cats, it isn’t the kissing itself that is intended but the physical touch. They kiss their owners so they can feel close to them. 

Sometimes, cats rub their nose against people they regard as their friends. This is an Eskimo kiss. When your pet does this to you, it may seem like she’s kissing you on the lips, whereas she isn’t. Also, if you have food on your lips, your pet may try to lick the remnants on your lips. This may also look like your pet is kissing you on the lips. For health reasons, you shouldn’t kiss your cat on the lips. You can ingest bacteria that could be in your pet’s saliva when you kiss your pet on the lips.

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Final Thoughts 

Kisses and hugs are ways by with both cats and their owners express their affections to each other. While some cats love being hugged, petted, kissed, and cuddled, some of them don’t, especially when they don’t trust whoever is trying to touch them or if they are new pets in the house. So, it is imperative to Hugs and kisses are a great way for both cats and owners to bond. However, avoid kissing your pet directly on the lips to avoid ingesting germs that may be present in her saliva. And remember: Abstain from touching your pet’s tail and belly while cuddling or hugging. 

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