How To Get A Guinea Pig To Come Out Of Hiding

How To Get A Guinea Pig To Come Out Of Hiding? [Should I Do It?]

Let me guess. You are here because you just got a new guinea pig (Or maybe it’s an old one). But it seems your pet loves her hiding spot more than playtime with you. So, you can’t help but search for it all the time. I’m sure you wonder how to get your guinea pig to come out of hiding?

Believe it or not, most guinea pig owners have been in your shoes. Maybe not all, but definitely most of them. Cavies are prey animals and are naturally scared. So, they protect themselves by hiding. One way to get a guinea pig to come out of hiding is to make her comfortable with you and their new home. Another way is to get her a companion. It’s very important to bond with your pet, mostly at the beginning, we will see exactly why later on.

Maybe you have tried all those. And it seems you aren’t making progress with your pet. Relax! there are other ways to get your guinea pig to come out of hiding. This article will explain what you have to do if your cavy loves hiding. But first, let’s find out why your guinea pig is always hiding.

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Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hiding?

If your guinea pig is always hiding, you are probably scaring it. Think about it. Human beings are giants to guinea pigs. And it doesn’t matter to them that you are their owner. So, if you are always poking your head in its cage, your pet would hide.

Also, your guinea pig would always be hiding if there are predators around. Cavies are prey animals without any form of defense. They get afraid whenever they see creatures larger than them. So, if you have a big hostile dog or even a cute cat, your cavy may be terrified of it and always go into hiding.

Moreover, your guinea pig might hide when there is a sudden loud noise. Cavies have a strong sense of hearing. So, loud noises scare them. For instance, if your home is undergoing some renovation, your guinea pig might go into hiding. Also, watch your footsteps if they are really loud because they might make your cavies think there is a predator around.

Additionally, your cavy could be hiding because it’s shy. Cavies are timid especially when they are just adjusting to their new home. Besides, they could hide when there’s a visitor around or a stranger peeping in their cage.

Lastly, most guinea pigs are skittish and don’t like being handled. So, if you are always carrying your cavy around, she might hide when she sees you coming. You must make your pet comfortable around you instead of frightening her. I have written an article about guinea pigs’ feelings and how best to bond with your pet, it will help you make your guinea pig less frighten and more relaxed around you and your family.

Another thing we must take into account is that if our guinea pigs are left in a dark place, especially if they hear sudden sounds in the dark, they may get afraid and find a hiding place. Especially at the beginning when they just arrived at our house. It will make them stressed and afraid, and I recommend you leave a low light even when you leave them at night at least for the first month. To understand this in more detail, please go ahead and read this article where I explain exactly why our guinea pigs afraid in the dark, and how we should help them.

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How Long Does It Take A Guinea Pig To Adjust To A New Home?

Guinea pigs are very friendly creatures but it takes time to make them show it.

They need at least a week, even a month until they will get used to their new environment and also adjust to you. A very important thing to remember when it comes to guinea pigs and will make their adjustment period easier is to bring them a friend or two. see here the best way to do it.

Guinea pigs are prey animals so we can understand why they behave like that, for sure in a new environment. They just feel insecure and stressed. We must be patient and give them the time to adapt to their new home and parents. We should take into account also that some guinea pigs may get used to a new environment faster than others. It depends on their personality, so don’t be worried if your guinea pig is still stressed after two weeks and the other one is happy and approachable. Give it time, at least a month.

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My Guinea Pig Is Not Eating And Hiding – Why And What Should I do?

Now, get this: If you have just one guinea pig and she’s is not eating, or she’s hiding, that may be because she is not used to the environment. To help your pet get more comfortable in her new home fast, get her a companion. For male guinea pigs, a female companion might cheer him up.

Besides, if you change your new pet’s diet, she may find it difficult to eat. However, guinea pigs love fruits, especially strawberries. So, serve her some water with strawberries or carrots until she regains her appetite. I wrote a section here about guinea pig’s nutrition requirement if you want to understand it better.

Sometimes, health issues may be responsible for the loss of appetite and hiding. For instance, if your pet has malocclusion, she may find it difficult to chew its food. Also, she could be suffering from ileus. You’d know right away if your pet has ileus when she’s not stooling.

Apart from that, your pet might be suffering from a bacterial infection. Symptoms of bacteria infection include fever and sometimes diarrhea. Also, your pet may have a loss of appetite if she’s suffering from vitamin C deficiency.

Cavies keep to themselves and will hide when they are sick. If your pet has any of these health problems, take her to the veterinarian. Surely, after your cavy gets treated, she would regain her appetite and playful spirit.

But get this: Cavies will die after three days with no food. Thus, It is essential to get your guinea pig to come out of hiding and eat.

How To Get A Guinea Pig To Come Out Of Hiding


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How Do I Catch My Guinea Pig? [ 4 Simple Ways To Do It ]

Cavies are skittish around people. If you are trying to catch a shy one, be prepared for a game of hiding and seek. So, if your pet always runs from you, here are four simple ways to catch a guinea pig:

Food lure

Guinea pigs may be scared of people, but they aren’t terrified of food. In fact, they love veggies and fruit. So, one way to get your guinea pig out of hiding is to lure it out with food. To achieve that, set up a trail of veggies up to a spot where it would be easy to catch your pet. Carry your pet slowly and gently otherwise, you’ll frighten her away.

Go fishing

Another way to catch your pet is to tie a fishing net to fruit like a carrot. While the end of the fishing line is in your hand, leave the carrot in a spot where your pet might find it. Once she starts eating, gradually drag the fishing line closer to you. Keep doing that until your guinea pig comes closer. Slowly drop a net over your pet and gently pick her up.

Hand guiding

This method is effective to catch your pet in the cage. It requires patience and the use of both hands. While your pet is scurrying around the cage, lead her to a corner. After that, use your right hand to block the front and your left hand to block the back. That way, your pet is trapped. Slowly pick up your pet once she settles.

Use a cage

Lastly, you can save yourself the trouble of running after your pet. Instead of being intentional about catching her, open up the cage so she can get in whenever she’s ready. Also, place the cage in a spot where it will be easy for her to hop it. But you know what would be better? Leave a trail of her favorite veggies leading to the cage.

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How To Find A Lost Guinea Pig Outside?

Did your guinea pig just walk out of the cage, and you can’t seem to find her? Perhaps she’s lost outside. Stick with me, and I’ll tell you how to find a lost guinea pig outside.

Look around the corners

Firstly, if you lost your pet outside your home, you must know that your pet is scared and alone. Guinea pigs have poor eyesight and won’t go far quickly. The first place you should look at is the corners. If you have a garden, check under the hedge, shrubs, flowers, or hidden spots.

Drop some veggies or fruits outside

Leave a trail of her favorite veggies or fruits to the door. Guinea pigs have poor eyesight but a good sense of smell. Hopefully, she would follow the smell of the trail.

Alert the neighbors

Inform your neighbors about your missing pet. It’s possible they saw her around or have any information that could lead you to your cavy. Moreover, they might find her when you are not around and bring her back to you.

Don’t form a search party

It might be tempting to gather friends and neighbors to form a search party but don’t. It is counterintuitive. When your cavy hears the footsteps, she will be terrified and could hide farther from home. And that’s just sad. So, it’s better to look for her alone or with one more familiar face. I suggest you don’t shout her name as the noise might scare her away.

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Is your pet always hiding? Then go ahead and try any of our four simple methods to catch her. But most importantly, don’t chase your pet otherwise, you’ll frighten her. It is normal for cavies to hide. To make your pet more comfortable with you handling them, carry her from an angle she can see it is you. That way, she knows she’s in safe hands.

While trying to get your guinea pig to come out of hiding, be patient and gentle otherwise, you might scare her more than she already is. Although it is normal for cavies to hide, ensure your pet is not hiding because she’s ill. If your cavy is sick and won’t eat, take her to see the vet.

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