Do Ferrets Make Noise

Do Ferrets Make Noise? [What These Noises Actually Means?]

Ferrets are one of the smallest mammal pets ever. They can seem all quiet and reserved when you are meeting them for the first time, but they are very interactive. Yet, if you are seeing a Ferret in a pet shop for the first time, it might seem to you quiet and calm.. and I guess you might ask yourself, is it? do Ferrets make noise? Are they usually so quiet?

Of course, they are, ferrets do make noise, and these noises have meanings. However, sometimes, they hardly vocalize, especially when you are meeting them for the first time. But when they get used to you, you’d notice Ferrets actually make noise. The most common sound they make is called dooking, and that is their happy sound. But polecats (A polecat is a domestic ferret) also make other sounds too. Some of these sounds are whining, barking, hissing, snoring, etc. 

However, these sounds mean different things. A journal explains that a study by Shimbo proves sounds made by polecats could indicate excitement, displeasure, or urgency. So, what are the sounds ferrets make and what could they mean? 

Let’s find out in this article.

Ferret Sounds And What They Really Mean?

Ferrets are lovely pets and their best way to communicate with us is through the sounds they produce. We, as their ‘parents’ need to make sure we understand their sound and acting accordingly. Other thing to take into account, is that not all ferrets are the same and some have louder personality then others. So don;t be worried about your ferret not making lots of sounds as I’m sure he will make the ‘important’ onmes when needed.

I summarized some of the most common sounds ferrets make down below:


Have you ever heard your pet make a similar sound to a chicken chuckling? That’s the dooking sound! When your polecat makes this sound, it’s having a great time. 


Ferrets bark too, but not as much as dogs. Their bark is usually short and not as high pitched as dogs’ barks. If your pet is barking, it is either happy, angry, or scared.


Screeching is one of Polecats’ ear-piercing sounds. When they make this sound, they are either in pain or terrified.


If you don’t give your pet so much attention, you’d notice it whimpers a lot. Whimpering means your pet wants to spend some time with you or it needs your attention.


Just like cats, polecats hiss too. But for a ferret to make this sound, it must be pissed off. And you don’t want to get your pet angry. If your pet is angry, it could bite whoever provokes it. 


It’s not only humans they snore when they sleep. Ferrets make this noise too. So, don’t be so surprised to hear your pet snoring when it’s taking a nap. 


Since ferrets are animals, they don’t cry, they whine instead. For instance, a baby ferret would whine when it’s hungry, and adult ferrets whine when they are in pain. If your pet is whining, you have to attend to it. 


Ferrets are nosy pets, and you might catch them sniffing dust or wood shaving. That is enough to make them sneeze, right? So, if your pet is a nosy one, you need to keep away anything that could make it sneeze. 

Teeth grinding

Ferrets grind their teeth. Just like in humans, involuntary teeth grinding could signify that your pet is sick. But not always!. It could also mean that your pet is depressed or stressed.


If a ferret squeaks, it’s either excited or in pain. Also, when ferrets mate, they squeak too. Think of this sound as their sound of passion. 

Why Do Ferrets Make A Weird Noise?

As a ferret owner, some of the sounds ferrets make that may be a weird noise to you are hissing, barking, Ferrets are vocal pets, and they communicate with sounds they make. Think about it. If your pet is injured, you definitely shouldn’t expect it to be mute. Even humans make weird high-pitched sounds when they are hurt or excited, right? The same thing goes for ferrets. So, when your ferret makes a weird noise, it’s either a red-flag or a sign they are having a good time. You will understand what is it from their movements.

These sounds sometimes have negative meanings. But other times, it could just mean your pet is really excited or happy. However, you should check up on your ferret whenever it makes a weird noise. If your pet dooks, it’s definitely having a great time. You might want to continue whatever you are doing. Sometimes, barks and squeaks or happy sounds, and other times, they aren’t. Nevertheless, whimpering, hissing, screeching, and whining have negative connotations.

Do Ferrets Make Noise

Do Ferrets Make Noise In Their Sleep?

Sometimes, ferrets make noise in their sleep. Don’t be so surprised. Let’s consider it this way. Human beings when they enjoy a good nap after a long day snore, right? Well, so do polecats. They snore after a playful day. Their snore could be light or noisy, depending on how tired they are. 

Also, your pet may squeal in its sleep. Remember: squeals are mostly happy sounds. Moreover, a study proves that ferrets also have REM sleep which in human beings is the stage where they dream. Think about it. That could mean ferrets dream too, right? So, if your pet is dreaming, don’t be surprised if it squeals once in a while. At least some people talk in their sleep too. 

How To Make A Ferret Dook?

There is only one thing that makes ferret dook- happiness. Yes, happy ferrets dook. So, if you want to make your ferret dook, you have to make it happy by playing with it. For instance, they love it when you chase them. So, you and your polecat could play a little hide and seek in the house. Just make sure he has no where to escape outside. 

Also, you could carry your pet, roll it over and tickle it. Your polecat will get really excited to get back on its feet and dook during the process. Also, they love it when you toss them over gently with feet. You could also get them a fuzzy ball toy that squeaks when squeezed. 

See here some ideas how to make your lovely ferret happy.

Related Questions

Do Ferrets Talk?

No, ferrets don’t talk. But that doesn’t mean they don’t vocalize.  While humans express themselves by talking, ferrets express themselves through sounds. For instance, when they are happy, they dook. When they are in pain, they screech, whine, or bark. And when they are angry, they hiss. So, don’t expect your pet to talk to you before you can communicate with it. Go over this article and learn the sounds ferrets make so you can understand your pet better.

Do Ferrets Cry?

While humans cry, when they are hurt, ferrets whine. Whining is usually high-pitched and is very similar to whimpering. You won’t notice teary eyes like when humans cry. A baby ferret may whine when it is hungry, while an adult ferret could whine because it is hurt. So, if a ferret is whining, what do you do? Imagine you hear a baby crying, you’d attend immediately to it, right? The same thing applies to your pet. You must attend to your pet when it whines to discern the problem. 

Final Thoughts

It is essential to spend some quality time with your pet so you can understand the sound it makes better. Whenever your ferret makes noise, don’t ignore it because you think it is trying to get your attention. Ferrets have feelings too, and you might hurt them if you abandon your pets. Usually, If your pet is barking, you should be able to tell whether it is happy from its expression. 

Also, just like when your pet is barking, you’d be able to tell how your pet feels when it squeaks from its expression. And, If your pet is screeching, you have to find a way to calm them down or soothe their pain.  When your pet whimpers, play with it more often and spend more quality time with it. Otherwise, be ready to endure hours of noise. While sneezing is generally harmless, if your pet discharges blood or pus after sneezing, it needs to see a vet.

It’s our responsibility to make sure we pay attention to our pet, and our ferret vocals are a great indicators for us to follow.

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