Do Cats Dream About Their Owners

Do Cats Dream About Their Owners? [ What Else They Dream Of? ]

Have you ever noticed the tail twitching or weird body movement your cat makes while asleep? Well, your pet is most likely in the dream realm. Research proves that mammals actually dream. So, there is at least a 50% chance that all those twitching and body movements your feline makes while asleep are dream induced. And as a pet parent, you might be wondering if cats dream about their owners? Or what else could they possibly dream of?

Crazy but true: Cats dream about their owners. You might not be able to ascertain the details of your cat’s dream. However, based on research, we know for sure that felines dream about the occurrences of the day. That means if you spent some quality time with your pet during the day, your cat might dream about you.  Hence, it is accurate to draw the inference that cats dream about their owners.

While that is an intriguing answer, it leads to more questions about your feline pets and their dreams.  Well, the good news is, you can know what your cat dreams about in this article.

So, let’s dig a little deeper.

Do Cats Have Dreams and Nightmares?

Indeed, cats have dreams and even nightmares. Dreams and nightmares happen when we sleep, and so do they for cats. According to the National sleep foundation, a cat sleeps on an average of 15 hours every day. That gives enough room for dreams, right? But what makes it certain that cats are capable of dreaming? Felines, just like humans, experience REM sleep and Non-REM sleep. REM sleep is the period when mammals submerge into unconsiousness. It is also the time when they start to dream.

A study by Michael Jouvet proves that when cats dream, they relive their experiences. The study proves that while felines are in REM sleep, they exhibited behavioral patterns that suggested that they were hunting. Remember: Felines are carnivorous predator animals. Hunting rats or smaller animals is something they do during the day.

Have you ever asked yourself: Do cats have nightmares? Yes, they do. Consider it this way: Humans have both pleasant dreams and nightmares, right? Well, cats can have both too. Remember, felines dream about their actual daily experience. And daily experiences involve both the good and the bad, right? And just like humans, they don’t get to choose what they dream about. So, if the happy part of their day visits them in the dream, they could have pleasant dreams. But if the bad decides to haunt your pet, then you can say your cat is having a nightmare.

So, let’s say, for mammals, nightmares are a recollection of that part of the day that terrifies your pet. So, your cat’s nightmare might be a reminiscence of a dog chasing her. Or maybe it is about another cat bullying her. And when cats dream about their owners, whether it is a pleasant dream or a nightmare depends on the state of things in reality. For instance, if your feline witnessed you falling or in excruciating pain, she might have a nightmare about you in a similar scenario.

We have learned that cats dream about their owners, and they also have nightmares. So, what’s more. Do cats dream in color? Let’s find out.

Do Cats Dream In Color?

Yes, cats dream in color. But maybe they may be unable to dream in all shades of colors.  Think about it: Felines see colors in reality. Although science experts believe they don’t see as many varieties as humans. For instance, humans can identify shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. However, some science experts believe that cats can only see gray, blue, and maybe yellow.

So if you ask if your cat dreams in color, the answer is yes. However, in their dreams, they are unable to view all the colors humans see. That’s because the same thing happens in their reality. That makes cats’ dreams different from ours. So, your cat’s dreams are probably in gray, blue, or yellow.

Are you beginning to get the idea? Wait, there’s more to learn. How can you tell if your cat is dreaming?

How Can You Tell If a Cat Is Dreaming?

If you are watching your cat sleeping, you might be wondering how you can tell if they are dreaming. It’s easier than you think. The fact that your pet is sleeping doesn’t mean she is already dreaming. Until your pet gets into the REM sleep state, she is just taking the usual nap.  So what are the signs that can help you tell if your cat is dreaming?  Just like human beings, when cats are dreaming, you might notice their eyes flicker and their muscles relax.

Additionally, because they are felines, their tails or whiskers might twitch occasionally. Also, they might snore or make similar sounds while they are dreaming. While human beings may adjust their sleeping position while they are dreaming, cats would stretch instead. However, it is nothing serious, and you don’t have to wake your pet.

Do Cats Dream About Their Owners

Do Cats Usually Sleep With Their Owners?

Cats are great pets to snuggle. In fact, they love to sleep with people they love and trust. So, most times, cats usually sleep with their owners. That also makes it possible for cats to dream about their owners. But that doesn’t mean they always sleep with their owners. Sometimes, you may find your kitty doze off in a really comfortable spot like a cozy couch or a quiet place. And other times, they may sleep off with other people they have bonded with, for example, family friends.

Felines have a strong sense of smell and love to cuddle with people they are familiar with their scents. Sometimes, as a pet owner, you might be very busy at work and may not have the time to feed your pet on your own. So, if you have a friend who does it or maybe a roommate, your cat may love to spend the night with them instead. If you notice that your pet loves sleeping with other people, consider spending more time with your pet. Also, feed your cat yourself and cuddle her during the day. Cats prefer to sleep with people they bond with. So, as a cat owner, if you don’t have that special bond with your pet, she may not spend the night with you.

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Related Questions 

What Do Indoor Cats Dream About?

Indoor pets spend most of their time inside. Hence, their activities are usually playing with their toys, eating, or cuddling their owners. Thus, when they sleep, indoor cats dream about their owners, toys, or food. Whereas, cats that spend most of their days outdoors are most likely to hunt or run around. Those activities are likely to replay while they sleep. However, outdoor cats can also dream about their owners.

Should I Wake My Cat Up From A Dream?

Now that you know the signs of a dreaming cat, you might be wondering if you should wake your cat from a dream. Well, don’t. It is totally unnecessary. Dreaming is normal for mammals, and there is no need to interrupt its occurrence. Even when your instincts tell you your pet is having a nightmare, don’t wake her. Their dreams feel like their reality. And if you try to wake your cat, she may get confused for a minute or two and even attack you.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is this: Cats dream about their owners. Whether your pet dreams about you depends on how much time you spend with her. Moreover, it is impossible to control your pet’s dreams. However, if you don’t want your pet to have nightmares, you could make sure her day is filled with happy moments. And if you want your cat to feel comfortable spending the night with you, it is crucial to bond with her. Finally, if your cat dreams about you, that is a good sign. It means your pet considers you a major part of her life. But we can’t actually tell when they are dreaming about us, can we?

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