Can Turtles Eat Apples

Can Turtles Eat Apples? [ Few Things You Must Take Into Consideration! ]

Fruits are an essential part of a pet turtles’ diet. While they can eat many different fruits and vegetables, there are many things to consider when feeding your pet turtle these tasty treats. Factors such as species, weight, age, and type are a few of them. It is essential to consider these as it could be detrimental to your pet turtle’s health to feed specific fruit types. However, with the variety of fruit, these beautiful and historic creatures will eat, many ask, can turtles eat apples? If so, what about apple skins and seeds? 

Yes! Turtles can eat apples; however, it needs to be a rare treat. Apples are high in sugar and acid content, and if one does decide to feed their pet turtle apples, there are many things to consider beforehand. It could mean the difference between your pet turtles happy go lucky state or their sick and upset one. Turtles would enjoy a tasty apple, but the risk could be significant if you are not careful and monitoring your turtle constantly.  

Here we will take a closer look at whether turtles can eat apples as well as some other interesting facts you may not have known.

 Can Turtles Eat Apples [ In More Detail.. ]

Pet turtles are fascinating how they can eat so many different fruits and fresh foods to seemingly no end. But given the size of common pet turtles, this can also be a risky habit to introduce. Apples are high in sugar and acid, so if deciding to feed your pet turtle an apple, you may take a few extra steps to ensure the safety of your little friend.

For instance, if ever deciding to feed an apple to your pet turtle, they should always be pesticide-free. It is a significant first step to ensuring your best friends’ safety and health as the pesticides could poison your turtle and lead to possible death. Even if you buy a pesticide-free apple, it is best to give it a thorough wash off before feeding it to your pet turtle. Always call the vet if you begin experiencing abnormal behavior in your turtle.

You should also make sure that you cut the apples into tiny portions and remove your pet turtle’s seeds. It will help them digest them much more comfortable and be a lot healthier for them in the long run. It can be dangerous because if the pieces are too big, it can lead to choking, and the seeds are not suitable for your turtle and can lead to many health issues if eaten.

Any food or fruit with a high acid and sugar content, such as apples, must be considered with extreme caution, as turtles do not have the enzymes capable of breaking them down fast, and it can be harmful. So, while turtles can eat apples, always consider the above steps, or possibly don’t consider it at all and go to another healthy snack! There are very many fruits your pet turtle can eat; however, always take precautions.

Can Turtles Eat Apple Skin & Seeds?

Turtles can eat the skin of an apple, and it is perfectly safe. It is important to remember that these must be washed off beforehand and never have any pesticides whatsoever on the apple skin. On the other hand, the seeds are highly unsafe for your turtle and should never under any circumstances be fed to your pet turtle or tortoise.

Seeds of an apple can be very toxic to your pet turtle and lead to bloating in the stomach, cyanide poisoning, or other health issues. It is never a safe idea to consider if you are a pet turtle or tortoise owner. Many vets will tell you to rarely feed apples to your pet turtle for this reason because the risk in many cases can be much greater than the reward.

If you ever consider giving your pet turtle a full apple, which is also not a good idea, be sure to wash off the entire fruit thoroughly and remove any and every seed beforehand. Though there have been cases of pet turtles and tortoises eating an apple with seeds and even the whole apple, it is not safe whatsoever and should remain a definite no go in a pet turtle owners’ eye.

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Can Turtles Eat Apples

Can A Tortoise Eat Apple?

First, let us explain the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Tortoises shells are much more rounded and dome-shaped than a turtle. Turtles have bodies that are much more water-dynamic and able to swim through the water. Tortoises are much larger and heavier than the turtle and, therefore, often much simpler to spot in the right setting.

So can tortoises eat apples? Yes! Like turtles, however, it will require much care and many extra steps beforehand. Tortoises are voracious eaters and will eat until they explode most times. No matter what you give them, they are likely to eat it. However, depending on your tortoise species, they may choose to ignore the apple as some can be very picky eaters. They are remarkably like humans in that way!

When feeding your tortoise an apple, it is essential to remember the seeds are very unhealthy and therefore need to be removed. Like turtles, this fruit should not be fed to your pet tortoise often as their diet should consist of 80% greens, 10% fruits, and 5% high protein foods. So always be sure that this is a rare treat and maybe don’t even consider it and go on the next delicious fruit.

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Can Russian Tortoises Eat Apple?

Found mostly in central Asia, Russian tortoises are just like common temperate tortoises because they can eat apples, but it must only consist of around 10% of the diet. Russian tortoises live in drylands and hot climates, giving them a very hardy ability to adapt to just about any environment they come across.

While apples will surely be tasty for these beautiful creatures, it should remain a rare treat and never a large part of their diet as that should mainly consist of leafy greens and other foods. These reptiles always need to stay on a healthy diet, or it could lead to many health issues, just as it would the common temperate tortoise or turtle.

These beautiful tortoises can eat many things, but it may be safer to stray away and hand them off another tasty fruit to enjoy.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, turtles can eat apples, though it may be better to keep your pet turtle away from it. However, if you decide to feed your beautiful hard-shelled friend an apple, it is safe if you take the right precautions. 

Unlike humans, turtles and tortoises do not have the capability of breaking down an apple very quickly into their digestive system. Therefore, with an apple’s high sugar and acid content, this could be extremely dangerous and lead to many health issues and possible death if the proper precautions aren’t taken beforehand.

Turtles and tortoises are typically voracious eaters and can eat anything you throw their way. But always take the extra steps to ensure their safety. Permanently remove seeds from an apple, chop it into small pieces, and ensure it is entirely and thoroughly pesticide free before feeding one to your pet turtle!

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