Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rose Petals

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rose Petals? [ Is It Risky For Them? ]

As a guinea pig owner, you should know that not all flowers or plants are edible and safe for guinea pigs. What about rose petals? Can guinea pigs eat rose petals?

Yes, Guinea pigs can eat rose petals. These parts of the flower have low calories and vitamins. They have high water content and are great for hydrating your pet. Also, they are highly medicinal and can be given to your pet to relieve pain and indigestion. Roses come in different colors; some are monotone, while others have variegated shades. Your guinea pig can eat rose petals, regardless of their color. 

However, your pet would enjoy the darker shades because they have a sweeter taste than the white shades at the tips. If you intend to add them to your pet’s diet, serve any of these varieties; Old Blush, Rosa Rugosa Rubra, Hansa, Rosa Canina, and Dortmund. Your guinea pig would enjoy these species more because of their luscious flavor.

But how often is it safe for your guinea pig to eat rose petals? What other flowers can guinea pigs eat? Let’s dive right in.

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Is It Safe For Your Guinea Pig To Eat Rose Petals?

Yes, it’s safe for your guinea pig to eat rose petals. Rose petals contain 95 percent of water and have low calories. Besides, have small amounts of vitamin C and Iron. 

However, give them to your pet in moderation because they are rich in calcium and your pet needs a low calcium diet. You can serve the petals to your pet 3 times a week. However, don’t give the stems. The stem contains thorn which can injure your pet. So, make sure to remove the petals from the stem before serving. 

Since your pet can’t make its own vitamin C, the rosehip contains more vitamin C. So, you should allow your guinea pig to eat the rose petals with the rosehips.  You can also serve the petals with other fruits like carrots or strawberries. But first, a warning: Never give your pet roses sprayed with pesticide! It’s safer to grow the flowers yourself. If you are unsure of the source of the flowers, wash them properly before serving to your pet.

You can serve the petals to your pet 3 times a week. However, don’t give the stems. The stem contains thorn which can injure your pet. So, make sure to remove the petals from the stem before serving

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What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Here are some nutritious flowers your guinea pig can eat:


Dandelions are rich in vitamin C&K, contains antioxidants and dietary fiber. This helps to improve your pet’s health, prevent infection as well as diseases of the heart and liver. Dandelion is recommended for diabetic cavies because they contain chicory and chlorogenic that helps in controlling the blood sugar level. 


These flowers are rich in vitamin A which is great to boost your pet’s immune system. They contain vitamin C that your pet needs to avoid suffering from scurvy. Rosemary also has niacin which helps to reduce pain. The vitamin B6 in rosemary helps to produce serotonin necessary to prevent depression in pets. You can further read my detailed article about Rosemary for guinea pigs.


These beautiful flowers are safe for cavies to eat. They are low in sugar and contain dietary fiber and can help to prevent constipation in your pet. Also, they have antioxidants that can help to prevent various diseases in your pet. 


Nasturtium is a safe flower for your pet to eat. They contain vitamin C. They also contain iron which can help them develop strong bones. You can give your cavy both the petals and leaves to eat. 

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rose Petals

What Flowers Guinea Pigs Can’t Eat?

Cavies can’t eat every flower or plant.  Some of these plants contain compounds that are toxic to your cavy pets. Besides, cavies are small animals and can’t breakdown some compounds in these flowers as humans do. So, if you have houseplants in the house, you must take precautions to avoid your pet from eating the flowers that may be poisonous to them. 

Some of these flowers are; daffodils, sweet peas, asters, ivy, daisies, goldenrod, mallow, and yarrow, buttercup, Hyacinth, Iris, Rhododendron, etc. Also, guinea pigs should never eat flowers that are sprayed with pesticides. While some flowers are edible for cavies but the leaves and stems themselves are inedible. An example of such flowering plants in that category is the rose stem. Rose stalks have thorns that can injure your pet.

I recommend you to watch carefully for what your guinea eat if you let him play outside.

Some harmful flowers for guinea pigs are: daffodils, sweet peas, asters, ivy, daisies, goldenrod, mallow, and yarrow, buttercup, Hyacinth, Iris, Rhododendron

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Related Questions 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Marigolds?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat marigolds. Marigolds are flowers in the sunflower family. They are edible and used mostly for medicinal properties. These flowers are safe for guinea pigs. They are highly nutritious and contain antioxidants that protect your pet’s body against diseases. Marigold can also be used to reduce stomach upset, indigestion, and colitis. They have anti-fungal properties that help to protect your cavy from fungal infection. Give your pet marigold petals twice a week. However, wash properly before giving your cavy to eliminate traces of pesticides.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender?

Guinea pigs can eat lavender petals. The leaves are also safe for your pet. Lavender is rich in vitamin C and can be used to treat scurvy. This flower is flavorsome and has a sweet taste. They have a mint flavor and are great for relieving your pet of stress. You can give your pet this flower to eat twice a week. You can also add a variety to your pet’s diet by serving her some lettuce or bananas with the lavender flowers. 

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Final Thoughts

Rose petals shouldn’t only be considered for wedding proposals or beautiful moments. You can also feed these beautiful flowers to your cavies. But remember: feed them moderately to your pet. 3 times a week is ok. Dandelion would also be a good option for diabetic cavies. Rosemary boosts their immune system, marigold could prevent constipation and nasturtium will help your cavies build stronger bones. Before you serve your pet any flower, always make sure to do your research so you don’t feed your guinea pigs with poison and harmful flowers.

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