Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Skin

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Skin? [Why Or Why Not?]

We all know how guinea pigs love a good treat of vegetables. When they start eating vegetables like cucumber, you can almost sense the ecstasy in them. But can guinea pigs eat cucumber skin? If you have fed your pet this solid vegetable in the past, surely, you would notice the fruit is healthy for cavies. So, if you aren’t sure whether to add the skin to your pet’s feeding bowl, be sure a lot of the guinea pig’s parents asking the same.

Here is what you need to know:

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cucumber skin. Cucumber is a nutritious vegetable for cavies, and they love it. The vegetable contains essential nutritional benefits for your pet. And the skin? The skin is rich in fiber.  The RSPCA in an article explains that it’s essential to add enough fiber to a cavy’s diet. But why? Fiber is great for their GI tracts and health. So, guinea pigs can eat cucumber skin to stay healthy.

But what are the exact nutrients in cucumber that makes them essential for your pet? Is it safe for your pet to eat an excess of this vegetable? Stick with me, and I’ll explain everything you need to know about the health benefits of cucumber and cucumber skin for cavies.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

The major component of cucumber is water. In fact, it contains more water than watermelon. 97% of this vegetable is water. And water is great to keep your pet hydrated. So, if your pet is dehydrated, adding some slices of cucumber to their food is a great idea. But not too much. a couple of slices two-three times a week is enough.

Moreover, cucumbers fit the nutritional requirement in the diet of cavies— a low-sugar, low-carb, and low-fat diet. Carbs and Fat are bad for your pet because they make guinea pigs overweight. Excess sugar can make your pet have diabetes. They can also regulate blood sugar levels.

Additionally, cucumbers are a source of Vitamin C. The VCA hospital explains that the requirement of vitamin C in your pet’s diet is very critical. It prevents your pet from having scurvy. They also contain minerals like magnesium and potassium which prevent blood diseases like anemia. Guinea pigs can’t synthesize their own vitamin-C so they need to have vitamin-C from external sources such as fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs need around 90mg of vitamin-C every day! in 100g of cucumber there is only 2.8mg of vitamin-C (Average cucumber is around 200g), so make sure you fill the gap with other vitamin-C sources. It can be kale, spinach, turnip greens, parsley, romaine lettuce, and dandelion greens. You can also use of course commercial pellets for guinea pigs to give them all the vitamins they need.

Fruit/VegetableVitamin-C per 100g

Also, cucumber contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body. And lastly, guinea pigs must eat cucumber skin to derive the fiber for a healthy gut. So, if you are still asking the question if your guinea pigs can eat cucumber skin with the flesh, the answer is yes. 

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Is Too much Cucumber Bad For Guinea Pigs?

Since cucumbers have low sugar content, you might think it is safe to feed them a lot of it. Wrong! Your pet shouldn’t consume this vegetable excessively. Unless the vet recommends differently, never give an excess of any vegetable or fruit to your pet.

Too much cucumber can be unhealthy for guinea pigs. While this vegetable has numerous health benefits, it contains calcium. Calcium is nutritious for your pet. However, in excess, it is harmful. Cavies absorb more calcium than humans do. So, excess calcium could bond with oxalates and develop into bladder or kidney stones.

Besides, too much cucumber can disrupt your pet’s stomach. Guinea Pigs have a small and simple stomach. They could get bloated or even develop diarrhea from eating excess cucumber.

Moreover, studies have shown that Cucumbers contain cucurbitacin, a toxin that produces a bitter taste in the vegetable. Your pet could get cucurbitacin poisoning if she eats excess of the vegetable. Symptoms of cucurbitacin poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, and GI problems.

So, how much cucumber is safe for cavies? You should give your pet about three slices two to three times a week.

Guinea pigs can’t synthesize their own vitamin-C so they need to have vitamin-C from external sources such as fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs need around 90mg of vitamin-C every day! in 100g of cucumber there is only 2.8mg of vitamin-C, so make sure you fill the gap with other vitamin-C sources. It can be kale, spinach, turnip greens, parsley, romaine lettuce, and dandelion greens. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Skin

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Cucumber Water?

If it is safe for guinea pigs to eat cucumber skin, can they also drink cucumber water? Yes, Guinea Pigs can drink cucumber water. Cucumber water is water flavored with slices of cucumber. People drink this flavored water, and your pet can too. Adding the vegetable makes the water more refreshing for your pet. Your guinea pig will not just get hydrated but also get the additional nutritional benefits of cucumber. Moreover, it is good for diabetic cavies. 

To make cucumber water for your pet, add a slice of the vegetable to your pet’s water. But never sweeten cucumber water for your guinea pig. Remember: sugar is unhealthy for cavies and could lead to obesity or diabetics. Also, if your pet has diarrhea, don’t give her cucumber water to drink. 

How To Prepare Cucumber For Your Guinea Pig?

Have you decided to introduce cucumber to your pet’s diet? You have made the right choice. So, how can you prepare cucumber for your guinea pig?

Firstly, ensure the cucumber you choose for your pet has no apparent bitter taste. After, wash the vegetable, my recommendation is to do it with warm water thoroughly before preparing it for your pet. Why? Most times, cucumbers are sprayed with pesticides before being sold. So it is essential to wash off the chemicals.  Next, cut the cucumbers into circle slices, so you won’t make your guinea pig choke, and serve 3-4 slices. You can make this treat more nutritious and flavorsome by adding chunks of carrots or cabbage. Serve your pet this vegetable 2-3 times a week.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Skin


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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber Seeds And Leaves? 

Guinea pigs can eat cucumber seeds and leaves. Both the seeds and leaves are nutritious for cavies. The seed, in particular, contains vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Besides, unlike watermelon seeds, they are soft and moist. So, your pet will easily chew and swallow them. However, your pet should only eat the seed in a minimal amount. Why? Ingesting excess seeds could cause GI problems for your pet. Moreover, cucumber seeds may contain cucurbitacin. The seeds can become toxic if your pet eats a lot of them. 

Meanwhile, the leaves contain oxalic acid. Your cavy might start vomiting or have diarrhea if she eats an excess of it. Moreover, cucumber leaves contain traces of cucurbitacin too. Too much could lead to cucurbitacin poisoning.  But before you serve your cavy the leaves, wash them thoroughly. Don’t give your pet leaves that are obviously treated with chemicals or pesticides. 

Can You Feed Cucumber For Baby Guinea Pigs?

Baby guinea pigs have fully formed teeth from birth. They can munch on hay and even cucumber right from when they are born. Naturally, they feed on their mother’s milk for 6 weeks before they depend on solid food. But they can occasionally supplement hay, fruits, and vegetables too. 

But can you feed cucumber to pups? Yes, you can, but it is no ideal. Pups are fragile and have a more sensitive stomach than adults. So, if you give a baby Guinea Pig cucumber, the vegetable might disrupt its stomach. So hold off from feeding a newly born Guinea Pig cucumber for the first week. Instead, let her feed on her mother’s milk and some Alfalfa hay. The next week you can introduce cucumbers to her in small portions so her stomach can slowly adjust to it.

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Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs can eat cucumber skin, seed, and even leaves. This vegetable contains essential minerals and vitamins which will help the immune system to protect our guinea pigs’ body and enhancing cardiovascular health.

However, feeding your pet in moderate quantities of each is essential. Give your pet only 3 slices, 3 times a week. Consumption of excess cucumber could cause cache again poisoning and stomach upset. Cucumbers are low in sugar. So, if your pet is diabetic, you should definitely give your pet cucumbers. 

However, cavies that have diarrhea should abstain from vegetables like cucumber. If your pet usually drinks a lot of water, minimize the quantity you serve her. And remember: Balancing your pet’s diet is more important to ensure it gets the best nutrition. 

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