Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carnations

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carnations? [ Is It Safe For Them? ]

Carnation petals are known to contain medicinal properties and are considered edibles by people. But what about for cavies? Can guinea pigs eat carnations? Here is what you need to know:

Guinea pigs can’t eat carnation. The Petopedia lists them as one of the flowers you shouldn’t give cavies. The ASPCA lists that the toxic compounds in this flower are unidentified. But there are speculations by experts that the toxins in the carnation flower are the steroidal saponins in it. So, don’t serve them to your cavy. 

What are the symptoms of carnation poisoning in guinea pigs? There’ll be more about that in this article. Let’s find out.

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Is Carnation Safe For Guinea Pigs

Dogs, cats, and horses are highly intolerant to the properties of carnation. However, guinea pigs may show signs of poisoning when they eat this flower. I recommend you not giving this flower to your guinea pig. However, It’s possible for your pet to be fine after ingesting this flower, especially if she eats a small quantity. Besides, the petals are generally considered safer than the stems. So, if your pet eats just the petals, she may be fine, but totally not recommended as well.

Besides, whether your pet will exhibit symptoms, depends on the quantity ingested and the size of your pet. Some of the signs of poisoning are stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and dermatitis. Make sure you watch out for the symptoms of poisoning. If there are any symptoms, take your pet to see the vet. Most times, your pets will recover without medical help. But in cases where your pet ingests large amounts of the flower, your pet would need some medical attention. 

Cavies will eat pretty much any flower or plant kept within reach. So, keep away carnation flowers from your guinea pigs.

Whether your pet will exhibit symptoms, depends on the quantity ingested and the size of your pet.Some of the signs of poisoning are stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and dermatitis.

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What Plants Are Poisonous For Guinea Pigs?

Cavies are herbivorous animals, and their food is plant-based only. But does that mean that they can eat all types of plants? No! So, what plants are poisonous for guinea pigs. Of course, we now know that guinea pigs can’t eat carnation. But other plants are poisonous for guinea pigs too and shouldn’t be given to them to eat. Some of these plants are common flowers, for example, buttercups, daffodils, rhododendron, ivy, hyacinth, bulb flowers, etc. 

The list of plants that are poisonous for cavies are endless, but here’s are some plants your pet must avoid:

Aussie gold
Bindweed (convolvulus)
Bulb Flowers
Burrawang palm
Calla lily
Cape lilac
English Ivy
Slipper flower
Toadflax Tomato leaves 
White butterfly
Yellow Allamanda
Yellow oleander

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Carnations

Related Questions

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Roses?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat roses. The leaves and petals of roses and the rosehips can be safely ingested by cavies. Rose petals have little nutritional benefit, but they contain 95% water and are great for hydrating your pet. The rosehips are rich in vitamin C and contain some vitamins A and B which are great for your cavy. What about the stem? The stems usually have thorns and shouldn’t be fed to your cavy. If you intend to give your guinea pig roses to eat, ensure that they are not sprayed with pesticides. If they are, wash the petals and rosehips properly before serving to your pet.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Daisies?

No, guinea pigs can’t eat daisies. Although daisies are safe edibles for humans and are used in making tea because of their medicinal properties, never give your pet this flower to eat. Just like carnations, daisies are toxic to guinea pigs. Whether your pet will get sick depends on how much she ate and her size. If she eats a lot, or she’s of a smaller size, your pet may exhibit symptoms of poisoning. Some common signs of poisoning caused by daisy ingestion are vomiting, diarrhea, GI problems, choking, etc. If your pet gets sick after ingesting this flower, take her to see a veterinarian.

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Final Thoughts

Never allow your guinea pig to eat carnation or any other plant or flower that is toxic to them! Some of these flowers are used to beautify our home. If you are not careful, your pet will consume these plants in your absence. For this reason, you must always keep flowers away from the reach of your pet. Always ensure that your cavy’s cage is securely closed when you are away. 

It’s good to add a variety of herbs, flowers, and plants to your pet’s diet. However, be careful not to feed your pet poisonous plants. So, it is crucial to always verify that whatever you are feeding your pet is in fact, healthy, nutritious, and safe. And if your guinea pig eats carnation or any of the poisonous plants mentions above, ensure to provide medical care for your pet.

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