Can Gerbils Eat Almonds

Can Gerbils Eat Almonds? [ What You Need To Know ]

Gerbils’ natural foods are seeds, grasses, various leaves, and herbs. But like many rodents, they aren’t opposed to enjoying tasty treats such as almonds now and then. This revelation could be frightening for gerbil pet owners who may wonder, can gerbils eat almonds? If so, what types can they eat, and are there any that are unsafe?

Bottom line, gerbils can eat and enjoy almonds! Gerbils love the taste of almonds, similar to many rodents, although their size may only allow them to eat one or two at a time. Too many almonds can make your gerbil fat! Salted, flavored, or roasted almonds can, however, be harmful to a pet gerbil.

We are going to take an in-depth look at why gerbils can eat almonds, as well as the different types of almonds they can and cannot eat. Though they may be an enjoyable snack, there are certain limitations and facts you should know before feeding almonds to your tiny fur babies.

Can Gerbils Eat Almonds? [In More Detail…]

Gerbils are intelligent creatures given their size, and although they choose to eat many types of raw nuts and seeds out of grasses, herbs, and bulbs, it isn’t hard to believe they may want a little extra taste in their mouths sometimes.

Almonds will do just the trick for gerbils in that they are very nutritional and provide enough taste and fat content with one or two almonds to hold them over for an entire day.

It is important to note that your pet gerbil could become overweight or unhealthy if fed too many almonds, considering the high amount of fat and acidic content found in its ingredients entering their tiny figures. This much sour and fat could become dangerous for your pet gerbil if you find they enjoy the taste of almonds and begin feeding it to their small bodies excessively.

Gerbils are like miniature children and can eat as many tasty treats as you choose to provide them, so be cautious about the number of almonds you decide to feed them. Salted, roasted, and highly flavored nuts can also be harmful to a pet gerbil. They contain toxic or poisonous ingredients, so be careful about which almonds you decide to buy for your pet gerbil to ensure they stay healthy and happy at all times!

What Nuts Can Gerbils Eat

What Nuts Can Gerbils Eat?

On top of almonds, there are also many different types of nuts that your pet gerbil can enjoy, and you need to know and understand what these types are so that you can hopefully let your pet gerbil safely enjoy them. Here is a list of the safe kinds of nuts a gerbil can enjoy.

Nuts That Gerbils Can Safely Eat

  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Peanuts
  • Monkey Nuts
  • Pine Nuts

All of these nuts should be very safe for your pet gerbil to eat, containing many carbohydrates for their daily boost of energy and nutrients to keep their bodies healthy, only so long as they are not fed the nuts in excess. It is crucial to know that all of these nuts contain a lot of fat content, protein, and nutrients that could become harmful or make your pet gerbil overweight if fed too much daily or if it becomes a routine. Let’s say that in total limit their nuts treats to max 2 a day.

Also, as PetHelpful reports, some packaged nuts in the world are made and processed differently from others, which could lead to some of these nuts being incredibly unhealthy for your pet gerbil. So make sure you buy your nuts at a reliable retailer only.

While these nuts are a safe and healthy treat for your gerbil to enjoy, always remain cautious on the amount you decide to feed them, as well the types you choose to buy.

Nuts That Gerbils Should Not Eat

Of course, it’s not only essential to know the healthy types of nuts, but also the unhealthy types of nuts your gerbil can eat so that you’re always aware. While gerbils may love the taste of these nuts, it is crucial you never by any means give these types of nuts to your pet gerbil, as it may cause extreme harm to them given the toxic ingredients.

Nuts That Gerbils Can Not Eat

  • Roasted/Cooked Nuts
  • Highly Salted Nuts
  • Flavored Nuts

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of scenarios in which eating nuts is unsafe for a pet gerbil; however, there are still possibilities. Salted nuts that come out of packages come covered with salt loads, and some have flavor in them. Be smart and never think it’s a good idea to feed your pet gerbil these nuts. It could mean the difference between a happy and healthy fur baby or an unhealthy and upset one.

Can Gerbils Eat Almonds

Related Questions

Can Gerbils Eat Walnuts?

Like almonds, Gerbils can enjoy a couple of walnuts here and there, although walnuts contain ingredients such as high amounts of phosphorus, acidic content, fat, and sodium. It is essential to remember never to feed your pet gerbil more than one or two of these nuts, as it could cause them to become very overweight and unhealthy. Remember, gerbils are like very miniature children! Never too much, but enough to make them happy.

Can Gerbils Eat Blanched Almonds?

The main difference between a regular almond and a blanched almond is the boiled off the skin. This process doesn’t change much of anything about the almond in terms of ingredients. However, it does make the almond much softer to eat and could very well be a much better way to feed an almond to your pet gerbil. So yes, gerbils can eat blanched almonds.

Can Gerbils Eat Pecans?

Gerbils can certainly eat pecans as it falls into the realm of nuts such as macadamia, brazil, pine, and monkey nuts. Considering that these nuts are densely packed with fat and protein, it only fits to say that pecans are no different and should be regarded as a healthy snack for your pet gerbil, so long as you never feed them too much.

Can Gerbils Eat Brazil Nuts?

Though brazil nuts are much larger than an average nut, it is still possible for your pet gerbil to consume and with much enjoyment at that. These nuts also hold many vitamins and minerals and contain the unique ingredient magnesium, which is very good for gerbils. So, in short, yes, it is healthy for your pet gerbil to eat brazil nuts.


So can gerbils eat almonds? The answer is simply yes, it’s just important to always keep in mind the factors that play into treating such a tiny animal with such a fattening and acidic treat.

While these small rodents may seem to enjoy an endless parade of almonds and could likely eat them for days, the ingredients in almonds could be potentially lethal to the gerbils if consumed excessively.

It is always essential to monitor and ensure your pet gerbil is eating a safe amount when consuming almonds or any other type of nuts. All of these almonds can hold potential in possibly rendering your pet gerbil overweight and or unhealthy. However, any almonds that are roasted, flavored, or highly salted should simply be out of the equation altogether. These types of nuts can harm your pet gerbil in many ways as they all contain very toxic ingredients to the gerbils’ health. As a whole, a couple of almonds now and then isn’t a bad idea for a pet gerbil.

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