Can Ferrets Eat Oranges

Can Ferrets Eat Oranges? [Dietary Info & Risks]

Can Ferrets Eat Oranges? No, orange is one of the fruits ferrets are prohibited from eating. They have a short intestinal tract that can absorb nutrients slowly and inefficiently; this is why it’s ideal for them to consume raw meat. Therefore, if ferrets were to continue eating oranges with high sugar and carbohydrates, it may result in intestinal problems.

Can Ferrets Eat Oranges?

Ferrets have a strict carnivorous system. So, you better be cautious and reconsider before adding any kinds of fruits or vegetables into your ferrets’ daily diet.

Besides being rich in fiber and carbohydrates, oranges are also very acidic. And since consuming oranges is not something ferrets are made for, it can cause significant discomfort to their stomach. Also, if you constantly give them acid, fiber, or any large amount of carbohydrate contents, it may lead to diarrhea, ulcer, and even cancer.

Ideally, ferrets can only eat meat and meat alone. And this is because of their high metabolic rates and short digestive tract that can’t absorb large amounts of fiber or carbohydrates. And back when they were living in the wild, the adults were agile hunters who can devour rabbits or little birds.

Also, besides fruits and vegetables causing immense stomach aches and damage, your ferret’s health will slowly deteriorate due to the lack of nutrients in their body. And, remember this: ferrets are really active animals, and protein found in animal meat is the primary source of their energy.

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Can I Give Oranges As A Treat To My Ferret?

Ideally, fruits are not something you would give a ferret as a treat. Not just that, a ferret’s body is not fit for digesting these high-in fiber and carbohydrate treats. Especially oranges, since they are very acidic. So no, you can’t give your ferrets oranges since it can cause significant problems to their interior organs.

However, there are fruits that the ferret enjoys eating— like raisins or berries. But, when you plan to do this to your pet, make sure that the quantity of it will be equal to half a teaspoon. But just a forewarning, if you constantly feed a ferret carbohydrates, your pet might develop cancer.

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Do Ferrets Like Oranges?

Ferrets can eat pretty much anything as long as it tastes good. But, they aren’t aware of what it can potentially do to them. So, in this case, it’s not as to what ferrets like, but it’s about if it’s safe for them or not.

So, if you’ve been feeding your ferret oranges, you better stop since it’s very acidic and can cause ulcers. On top of that, oranges are also high in fiber and carbohydrates, which can result in intestinal problems like diarrhea.

Again, ferrets are carnivorous animals by nature. So try and stick to a balanced diet that consists of animal protein and low carbohydrates.

What Should I Do If My Ferret Ate An Orange?

Fruits may be healthy and nutritious for us, human beings. But, if you see your pet ferret eating one, it’s a whole different story, and you should try and stop them immediately— especially if it’s an acidic fruit like oranges, lemons, or grapes.

If your ferret has already gobbled down a piece of orange, it may not cause instant intestinal problems. Don’t force it to puke. But next time, you should be extra careful before it causes them severe discomfort, which can even lead to death.

However, if they’ve consumed too much and start to vomit and show signs of diarrhea, I suggest you go to the vet immediately.

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What Type Of Fruit Can Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets need protein from high-quality animal meat to maintain a healthy and energized body. And unlike us, ferrets don’t need carbohydrates in their system, and that’s because of their short intestinal tract.

However, these predatory animals also require a tiny amount of fiber in their body to keep their digestive system healthy— thus why people give their pets supplements.

But, if you’re planning to feed them actual fruits, remember to give them half of the teaspoon amount. And also, avoid feeding them fruits on a daily basis to prevent intestinal problems.

Ferrets can’t digest fiber because they have no cecum— and the primary function of a cecum is to absorb fluids and salts. So since ferrets don’t have this in their system, we must avoid giving them food with complex carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, or any dairy-based products.

Also, if you’re determined to feed your ferret’s fruits, make sure to cut them into small pieces since a ferret’s intestines are very thin. So, if you give them big chunks of fruit or any food for that matter, it can cause blockages and can lead to constipation.

Here is a shortlist of what fruits you can give your ferrets:

  • Apples
  • Melons
  • Bananas
  • Mangoes

But remember always to limit the fruits you are giving your ferrets. And much preferably, you do not give them any fruits or vegetables at all! Because instead of giving them to your pet with the idea of it making them healthy, it can hurt their innards and make them sickly.

Keep in mind that fruits contain sugar, fiber, carbohydrates, and some, like oranges, even have acidic properties— all of which aren’t suitable for their system.

Besides the sugar content is bad for their teeth, fruits can also lead to severe digestive problems like gastroenteritis, insulinoma, and even intestinal cancer.

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Final Thoughts

It is ideal for keeping a strict all-meat and high-protein diet for your pet ferrets.

But if you’re worried about the low nutritional value they are receiving from their daily meal plans, you can resort to giving them safe supplements instead of whole fruits since they can more likely harm and cause ulcers, diarrheas, and potentially even cancer.

Ferrets are predatory animals, and before they were domesticated, they could devour a whole animal with no problem in the wild. But besides being carnivorous, they can sometimes eat almost anything as long as it tastes good. However, this is not healthy for them and their system, especially if they’re consuming a large number of carbohydrates.

So, if you’re someone who owns ferrets, keep an eye and always consider what you’re feeding your pet. Never include fruits, vegetables, or any product that contains sugar since it is something their digestive system can’t handle.

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