Can Ferrets Eat Ants

Can Ferrets Eat Ants? [ Is It Harmful? ]

Ferrets (or polecats) can’t eat ants. Sadly, ants often crawl around the house or along the walls. They can fall into your ferret’s cage or even their food. This way your unsuspecting little buddies can eat some of it. But should they eat ants? The answer is NO. Ferrets should not eat ants.

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Can Ants Hurt Ferrets?

Most ants are harmless to ferrets and other pets. This is true as long as your ferret does not eat any of them. For fire ants, however, this is not the case. Fire ants can hurt ferrets because they sting and their venom is dangerous.

Fire ants have red colors and they are very common around most homes. They usually create mounds to live on grasses or in the woods in your backyard. This closeness means that they can crawl into your home or climb up one of your fuzzy buddies. Fire ants are omnivorous animals. They are dangerous to both people and animals and should not be anywhere near your ferrets.

Their sting creates bad itches and discomfort to your ferrets. They could fall very ill and they may die if treatments are not administered on time. It is not easy to get rid of fire ants, so you must be very vigilant. You should also have your home inspected by your local pest control agencies. They can give trustworthy recommendations to manage the situation.

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What Insects Can Ferrets Eat?

Polecats are carnivorous animals, meaning that they need meat to survive and grow. This includes a healthy diet of insects and tasty bits of chicken and eggs. You must not feed your pets random insects. 

They are also hunters by nature. Even though Ferrets can’t eat ants, their fuzzy buddies can help themselves with an assortment of safe insects. You can also give them to them as treats. They love weasels, crickets, grasshoppers, and night-crawlers. They also love worms. Mealworms, silkworms, wax worms, and super worms are great treats for polecats.

You can feed any of these insects while they are still alive to your ferrets. You can also store them in the freezer and serve them up when thawed. One important thing to note here is portion control. Do not overfeed your polecats when you find their favorite insect or bugs. It should only be a supplement, albeit essential. Other kinds of meat like chicken, beef, lamb, or pork chunks are great additions to their diet. But remember: Ferrets shouldn’t eat ants.

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Can Ferrets Eat Ants

What Food Can Hurt Ferrets?

Ferrets have a very similar diet to cats and dogs. There are essential nutrients and supplements in their pellets. You can also feed them certain fruits or insects as mentioned earlier. Still, there is a wide range of foods that can hurt ferrets if they consume them. They are curious creatures and may take a bite of whatever you give them. This does not mean that they are healthy or safe enough for consumption. Here is a short guide on meals that are not safe for your ferrets.

  • Sweet Treats

Sweet treats often have a high content of sugar. Both natural and artificial sugar is harmful to ferrets and should not be given to them. They are carnivores, so their bodies respond better to meat and proteins. It is not the same with sugary food. 

If you would like to treat them with a little sweetness, you could include a handful of fruits in their diets. Bananas or insects can serve as occasional treats. You can serve them in bite-sized pieces.

  • Grains

Polecats do not respond well to grains. Although, they might accept the occasional bread chunks or pieces of cake. It is not healthy to feed them such meals. Grains are highly fibrous and do not go well with polecats. If you want to add something new, give them a different type of clean raw meat.

  • Dog Food

 Dog food is dog food. It isn’t meant for polecats and should not be given to them. This is because it does not contain enough protein to sustain your pets. You can replace it with kitten food instead of dog food. Kitten food contains a lot of protein. Adult cat food is also unsafe for polecats. It will leave them malnourished and sickly.

  • Dairy

Items like milk, cheese, or ice cream should never be fed to polecats. Dairy food can cause diarrhea or upset your pets. Water is good enough to quench their thirst and keep them strong. 

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Related Questions

Can Ferrets Eat Sugar?

Ferrets cannot eat sugar. So, you should not give them raw sugar or unregulated sugary treats. They indeed like sweet treats and meals. Yet, this is harmful to their bodies. Their diets should consist of more meat since they are carnivores. 

Ferrets cannot process sugar like humans. Too much of it, which is only little, can spike their blood sugar and make them ill. It is your job as an adult to curb your sweet tooth.

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Can Ferrets Eat Dog Treats?

Dog treats are for dogs while ferret treats are for ferrets. You should not give ferrets dog treats or vice versa.

In fact, cat treats are a much safer alternative because their diets are like that of ferrets. These may look tasty but dog treats do not contain the nutrients that are essential for the health of your pet. Worse still, your ferret might react badly to it and fall sick. 

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Final Thoughts

No matter their age, pets never outgrow the need for constant care and attention. By nature, they are very playful and adventurous. If you leave them unattended, they will eat or play with anything they lay their hands on. This is where you come in as a pet parent. Your ferret shouldn’t eat ants. So always watch out for ants and ensure that your polecats do not eat them.

There are many delicious options to feed your ferrets with instead of harmful ones. Feel free to stick to giving them only raw meat and meat-based treats. They can also thrive on ferret pellets. These often contain all the protein and minerals your polecat needs to live long.

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