Can Cats Have Ginger Ale

Can Cats Have Ginger Ale? [ Is It Dangerous For Them?]


It’s pretty puzzling. Why cats can have ginger, yet, ginger ale is dangerous to their health?  Ginger ale is derived from ginger. Apart from being a sweetened drink, people drink it when they have indigestion or nausea after a long road trip. So if your pet has motion sickness, cold, or indigestion, you might want to ask: Can cats have ginger ale?

Here’s the kicker:

Cats can’t have ginger ale.  Ginger in its natural form is beneficial to cats. But ginger ale isn’t. In fact, it is toxic to cats. Ginger ale is a sweetened carbonated drink. And your cat shouldn’t ingest soda or sugar. Soda contains caffeine, a stimulant your pet must never consume. As a stimulant, it could increase your pet’s heart rate. To make matters worse, caffeine contains theobromine, which is toxic to cats. 

According to the VCA Hospital, ingestion of caffeine can cause hyperactivity, rapid heart rates, tremors, seizures, high blood pressure, and cardiac arrhythmias in pets. Moreover, excess sugar could cause obesity or even type two diabetes in cats. So, when you are drinking a glass of ginger ale, savor the drink alone. Never allow your cat to have ginger ale! 

But wait, there’s more.

While cats can’t have ginger ale, there are other drinks they can have. So, what can your cat drink besides water? Let’s find out.

What Can My Cat Drink Besides Water?

Does your cat sometimes refuse to drink water? Sometimes, it’s nothing to worry about. But when it goes on for more than a day, you have to do something or your cat will get dehydrated. If you are in a similar scenario, here are some fluids your cat can drink besides water:

Chicken Or Fish Broth

If your cat refuses to drink water or even eat, some chicken broth or fish broth might come in handy. Cats love the irresistible aroma of chicken. So, if you want to make some broth for your pet, white fish and chicken breasts broths are the healthiest choices. Don’t bother seasoning with salt, garlic, and onion. Those seasonings are toxic to felines. 

Cat Milk

In most popular cat animations, felines are portrayed to love milk. But the truth? Most cats are lactose intolerant. Yes, you read that right. Cats can’t properly digest lactose because they have little lactase(the enzyme that helps break down lactose). However, there are commercially produce cat milk where the lactose is reduced specifically for your pet. 

Bone Broth

Maybe you have heard it from a friend or read on the internet that your feline pet shouldn’t eat bone. Well, it is true. Bone can damage your pet’s mouth. But that doesn’t mean bone is useless to felines. Bone broths are great fluids for your cat to drink. So, you could get some from the grocery, boil them, and serve the broth to your cat. 

Queen’s Breast Milk

Kittens can always drink their mother’s breast milk. Breast milk provides antibodies for kitties which helps to build a strong immune system. However, if you adopted a kitten without her mother, you could get her Kitten formula milk instead.

Can Cats Drink Gatorade?

Now that you know cats can’t have ginger ale, if your pet is dehydrated, you might be wondering if she can drink some Gatorade. According to Medical News Today, Gatorade contains electrolytes that help to rehydrate and provide energy. 

Unfortunately, Gatorade contains a lot of sugar, which is unhealthy for your pet. Remember: One of the reasons why cats can’t have ginger ale is because it contains sugar. Sugar could cause obesity and diabetes. Gatorade drink is initially made for humans. So, if your pet needs some electrolyte supplement, allow her to drink electorate water made for pets like Pet-A-Lyte.

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Can Cats Have Ginger Ale

Is It Safe To Give My Cat Ginger?

You might have heard that garlic is toxic to cats. Well, that’s true. But that could make you wonder if it is safe to give your cat ginger. Ginger is safe for your cat. Ginger is well-known for its medicinal effects on human beings and even animals. While herbs like garlic, chives, tarragon, etc are toxic to cats, ginger is good for your cat. In fact, the root can be used to relieve stomach upset for your cat. So, whenever you think your pet needs ginger, give her some of it. However, too much could cause stomach upset and even nausea. Moreover, never mix garlic with ginger for your pet to drink.

Ginger Benefits For Cats

So, what are the benefits of ginger for cats? This root contains antibacterial properties that can help to boost your cat’s immune system. Also, they can be used to cure motion sickness and minor GI problems in cats. If your pet has lost her appetite, you might want to add some ginger to her food. The flavor could help your pet eat. Additionally, if your pet has indigestion, ginger could aids digestion. It helps in releasing enzymes your pet needs to metabolize food faster. 

Can Cats Eat Ginger Leaves?

Ginger leaves belong to the Zingiberaceae family. Ginger leaves are majorly used as spices, while the roots are used as spices and medicines. If you ask whether cats can eat ginger leaves, the answer is yes. The ASPCA lists ginger leaves of the Zingiberaceae family as part of the plants that are non-toxic to cats. But because cats can eat them doesn’t mean that they should. So, if your cat eats some ginger leaves, you have nothing to worry about. However, just like the roots, ginger leaves should be given to cats in moderation.

How Much Ginger Should I Give My Cat? [ How Often? ]

However, you should give your pet ginger in moderation. How much ginger your pet can consume depends on her age, weight, and size. You can boil the roots for your pet and allow it to cool before serving your pet. So how much ginger should you give your cat? Serve one tablespoon for every dog weighing 5kg. If you are serving it raw, you could add just a pinch to your pet’s food. So, how often can you give your cat ginger? Ginger shouldn’t be given to your pet daily. It is a medicinal root that should be given to pets only when they need it.

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It all boils down to this: Even if your cat has indigestion or is thirsty, never give her ginger ale! Get her some water to drink instead. Whenever your pet is dehydrated, you could give her an electrolyte solution for pets. Moreover, because cats can’t drink ginger ale doesn’t mean they can’t have ginger. So, feel free to give your pet the recommended quantity just when they need it. 

Furthermore, it is imperative to know that cats and humans are different. Always be certain whatever your pet consumes isn’t toxic to her before giving her. However, if your pet ingests any food that is poisonous to cats, take her to the veterinarian for immediate medical care.

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