Can Cats Eat Raw Squid

Can Cats Eat Raw Squid? [It Depends & What Are The Risks?]

No, cats should not eat raw squid. When cats eat raw squid, they can get food poisoning as it contains bacteria. It can also cause a breakdown of thiamine which can cause neurological issues with your pet. In the fried form(calamari), it is not so good either. Plain, boiled squid is the only type of squid you can offer your cat.

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Is Raw Squid Safe For Cats?

Raw squid is not safe for cats. When cats eat raw squid, your pet is exposed to several risks. The first risk is that of foodborne diseases, as a result of bacteria. The same goes for raw fish. Another problem is the potential breakdown of a substance known as Thiamine. Thiamine is a B vitamin that is very important in your cat’s health. It supports the proper functioning of the brain. It also helps the cat break down carbohydrates into energy. Hence, when thiamine is broken down in cats, it leads to some problems. They can have problems with walking and balance. They can even convulse.

It is best to avoid giving your cat any squid at all. But, even if they will, you must ensure that they do not take it raw.

When cats eat raw squid, your pet is exposed to several risks. The first risk is that of foodborne diseases, as a result of bacteria. Another problem is the potential breakdown of a substance known as Thiamine. Thiamine is one of the B vitamins that are very important in your cat’s health. Hence, when thiamine is broken down in cats, they can have problems with walking and balance. They can even convulse!

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Can Cats Eat Cooked Squid?

There are two answers to this question: Yes and No. Cats can eat squid that is plain and boiled only. But, they cannot eat fried squid. That is because it is usually sauteed in seasonings and garnishes. The chemicals in the seasoning and oil affect their digestive tract.

You should know that feeding your cat plain, boiled squid is not risk-free in any way. You should give them occasionally so that they don’t lose any interest in their usual diet. Moreover, boiled squid tends to have a rubbery feel to it. For cats, this is a problem as they may not be able to chew well. There are chances that the squid will get stuck in their gut, leading to choking or suffocation. Hence, feed your cats plain and boiled squid in tiny bits only.

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Can I Give Squid To My Kittens?

You should never give your kittens squid in any form whatsoever. Plain and boiled squid poses a greater threat of choking to them because they are still small. Also, if they get used to the delicious taste of squids, they can grow to become picky eaters. They should eat food that has more nutritional value to their developing bodies.

Can Cats Eat Raw Squid

What Are The Benefits/Risks For My Cat When Eating A Squid?

When your cats eat squid, trust them to love it. Squids are very tasty, and who doesn’t love a tasty meal? However, beyond the delicious taste of squid, if cats eat squid, they will get plentiful amounts of zinc. That seems to be the only benefit attached to squid in the feline diet. It is a big one too because zinc is an essential mineral for cats. Too much zinc is detrimental to health, but that will not be a problem with an occasional squid treat. Of course, cats do not need to eat squid to get enough zinc. If you feed them high-quality cat food, rest assured that they are getting every nutrient they need.

For this singular benefit to squid in the feline diet, there are many risks. Raw squid can cause food poisoning. It also leads to thiamine breakdown in cats and this can cause many problems for your cat. Fried squid causes digestive problems because of the oil and seasoning to make it. Feeding the plain, boiled squid is not entirely safe too. The risk of choking or suffocating is everpresent.

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Related Questions


Does Eating Raw Squid Paralyze Cats?

Yes. eating raw squid can paralyze cats. That is related to the breakdown of the B vitamin, thiamine when cats eat raw squid. Thiamine is needed in cats for proper neurological function. Thiamine also plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism to energy. Just like we need the energy to go about our daily activities, cats do too. If thiamine is broken down, many problems develop. First, there is an impaired neurological function. That leads to difficulties in walking and balance, and in severe cases also to paralysis.

Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

No. Cats can not eat raw fish. Do not get it wrong. They love raw fish and will take it from you anytime but giving it to them is potentially problematic. Just like raw squid, raw fish can contain bacteria that lead to food poisoning. Hence, fresh or raw fish is not an option for them. When you want to give your cat a fish, cook it well. Ensure that it does not contain additives, seasoning, or flavorings. They can cause digestive problems. Raw fish contains enzymes that destroy the vitamins present in the fish. Your cat stands to gain more nutrition from well-cooked fish rather than raw fish.

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Can Cats Eat Shrimp?

Yes, cats can eat shrimp and they love it, but when feeding them shrimp, ensure that you cook it with no oils and seasonings. It sometimes contains antibiotics, fungicides, or other chemicals and the cooking process helps to end this. However, shrimp has some benefits for cats; It contains plenty of proteins. It also has vitamins, zinc, iodine, copper, and omega 3. But, it is also high in sodium and cholesterol so you need to feed them in moderation.

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Final Thoughts

When cats eat raw squid, it causes many problems that you don’t want your pet to have, and in severe cases can also cause paralysis. However, if you want your cat to eat squid, it is best to feed them plain and boiled squid only. Give them in tiny bits to avoid suffocation and you must never give squid to kittens. If cats eat raw shrimp, they get plenty of zinc but the risks outweigh this single benefit. They should not take raw fish either. As seafood treats you can give your cat plain and cooked shrimp which is safe for them to eat, but always in moderation.

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