About Us


My name is Sigalit and I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children and a wife to my other part.  We all live in a house with a big open balcony and a garden, and we love animals, especially pets.

We always had pets in house, cats, dogs, and mainly the small kind, as my kids love them!

I remember my self as a child, having 2 dogs in my family, (one actually was higher than me) playing around with them, running in the fields, they were my best friends.

I think it’s so important for children to grow with an animal by their side, it’s a great experience overall, and there are a lot of published researches showing it makes their emotional abilities much mature.

I thought it would be a great idea to share this love with you, and open the world of these great animals for you.

I’m not a professional writer, but all of the articles in the site are written by me and my husband. We dedicate a lot of our time to search and learn more and more about these pets, and we love it !

This is my “baby” site, and I hope you’ll find it helpful and inspiration enough to go, raise an animal and enrich your life like we do.

What you will find in this website ?

I’m writing mostly on small kind of pets. Generally informational posts about feeding, caring, playing and actually anything related to these wonderful loving animals.

I always try to think of the most common questions one can ask and answer it in my best detail as can be, if it’s from researching a lot and from my own experience of course.

If you have any suggestion, or if you want to write a post in the site, feel free to contact us here

Thanks again for visiting our site!