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13 Different Types Of Ferrets [ & Other Interesting Ferret’s Facts! ]

General Introduction. 

Have you ever wondered why ferrets come in different colors? Well, that’s because there are different types of ferrets. Ferrets are also known as Mustela Putorius Furo. The name comes from their membership to the genus of Mustela in the family of Mustelidae. However, the different types of ferrets are classified based on their various colors. This article highlights 13 different types of ferrets. So, read on and identify what type of ferret your pet is.

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Ferrets As Pets.

Ferrets are primarily domesticated versions of mammal polecats. They are also occasionally hybridized with polecats. However, this comes with a couple of risks for the animals. They make great pets because they are affectionate and bond with their owners easily. According to the 2018 statistics provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 326,000 households owned ferrets in the US. 

There are very few animals as playful as ferrets making them close to being the perfect pet. The domestication of ferrets is dated back to around 2,500 years. These cute furballs were initially used in some parts of the world to hunt rabbits, while others had them as pets. Overall, as pets, ferrets eat a meat-based diet. That’s because, like dogs and cats, they are carnivores. 

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Ferrets In The Wild

Ferrets are small and furry creatures that have cone-shaped noses with short legs. They are relatively popular in Northern Europe and America. A large number of ferrets are largely domesticated all over the world. As such, there are no naturally wild domesticated ferrets. According to the American Ferret Association, an escaped pet ferret does not last in the wild for more than a few days. 

There exists a rare species of wild ferrets called the black-footed ferrets. They were considered extinct in the 1970s until 120 were found in Wyoming in the 1980s. Ferrets are intelligent animals and make their own homes from the burrows of other animals. 

The diet of wild polecats is the same as domesticated. Their main meal is majorly meat-based. However, wild polecats also eat other smaller mammals. Their food composition consists of supplements like amphibians. The average consumption of a ferret is between 1.7 to 2.4 ounces daily. 

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Types Of Ferrets.

There are several types of ferrets, and this is a guide to choosing what suits you in the family of ferrets. 

  • Albino Ferret. 

This is one of the most catchy types of ferrets due to its color. It has a white furry coating with pink to red eyes. The white coat makes it particularly attractive and easily visible in dark places. These beauties are lethargic during the day and prone to napping. However, this is not the case in the mornings as they are incredibly active. Owners need to constantly bathe them at least once a month to keep up the good looks.

Albino Ferret

  • Black Sable Ferret. 

This ferret is colored deep black. It has colorations on its head that appear like a hood, making them all the more beautiful. The sable ferret has a white-ish undercoat. This, coupled with the guard hair of this animal gives it a warm blackish-brown tone. It also has tiny eyes which are often black or brown. The black sable ferret is one of the most beautiful kinds, making it a top pet choice.

Black Sable Ferret

  • Blaze Ferret. 

The Blaze Ferret owns its goods looks to the multiple colors it has. This cute animal has stripes from its eyes down to its back. These stripes are visible starting from the small areas between their eyes. These ferrets have four mitts, and a white bib as most ferret species do. The main distinction they have is the small colored rings around their eyes. The look gives the impression of a mask.

Blaze Ferret

  • Chocolate Ferret. 

Most people often get confused in differing chocolate ferrets from sable ferrets. The distinction lies in their banded masks being dark brown. They also have small brown guard hair that covers their entire body. The ferret has undercoat-colored whitish-cream hair. Chocolate-colored ferrets look like they have ruby red eyes but mostly it’s black. These pets have a T outlined nose that is colored pink to brown.

Chocolate Ferret

  • Cinnamon Ferret. 

Cinnamon ferrets are beautiful. Their good looks are based on reddish-brown guard hair and tails. However, their legs are mostly a darker shade of reddish-brown along with a pink nose. Cinnamon ferrets have a couple of shaded masks which complement their red and brown fur. Their good looks do not end there, they mostly have burgundy-colored eyes. However, their eyes are occasionally black. 

Cinnamon Ferret

  • Dalmatian Ferret. 

This is also a member of the pact of beautiful ferrets. Dalmatian ferrets have patterned black spots over a white coat across their back. The look makes them appear as small Dalmatian puppies with blotches. The spots appear only on their back and nowhere else on their body. This, coupled with their dark ruby-colored eyes gives them their amazing outlook. 

Dalmatian Ferret

  • Silver Ferret. 

These amazing little guys share close looks with small kitties. They have a deep coat of gunmetal grey and black. Their noses are either pink, black, or molted and easily identifiable by their blotched eye masks instead of proper masks. They also have white mitts that mix perfectly with their general grey color. The silver ferret is one of the few in its family that is easy to identify on sight. 

Silver Ferret

  • Panda Ferret. 

Just like a panda, the panda ferret is one of the cutest animals in the ferret bunch. It has white hair on its nose, head, and shoulder. The color is a good mix with the large white bib that covers its underneath. Panda ferrets only have a saddle-shaped part of their backs in a different color. They also have white-tipped tails along with four mitts. They are born with pink noses and can have any color of eyes.

Panda Ferret

  • Sable Ferret. 

Sable ferrets are uniquely different from most of the other types of ferrets. They have a distinct mask on their eyes that looks like it’s from cartoon burglars. They also have another differing feature which is a darkish cream undercoat cover by their guard hair. The colors of their body, neck, and head are identical. These beauties also have black eyes with a pink, black, or mottled nose. These distinctions are responsible for the easy identification of this type of ferret.

Sable Ferret

  • Siamese Sable Ferret. 

These ferrets share some physical qualities with chocolate, cinnamon, or sable. The difference is that they have a darker shade of hair on their legs and feet. The Siamese Sable ferrets have a V-shaped which has a darker color than their tail. They have a dark line on the underside of their body. The line makes identifying them easy as it is the same color as their tail and legs. 

Siamese Sable Ferret

  • Striped White Ferret. 

This type of ferret is mostly notable for its neat look. It has a sparkling white coat with a dark line that goes through its back. The line also acts as a trace for their backbone. Some of this type have lines that trail down to their tail. It also has beautiful pink or ruby eyes along with a nose, colored black or pink. 

Striped White Ferret

  • White With Dark Eyes Ferret. 

As the name suggests, this is an exceptional type of ferret based on its looks. They have noticeable dark or black eyes. Same as its cousin, the striped white ferret, they also have dark hair tracing their backbone. They also have a small pink or black nose. This species of ferret requires a lot of time and care.

White With Dark Eyes Ferret

  • Champagne Ferret. 

Champagne ferrets also have distinctive features. This animal has warm, milk-chocolate brown guard hair. This type of ferret usually has a white undercoat but sometimes with a golden hue underneath. The colors may differ based on several factors surrounding its birth. These factors may also affect the color of its eyes. Hence, eye color may be pink, beige, or pinkish brown. Most of the other parts are identical to most of its kind based on their looks alone. 

Champagne Ferret


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